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Fuortes in Vigilanza: “In three years the Rai accounts have worsened by 300 million”

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Carlo Fuortes puts the stamp. And outspoken, in the Supervisory Committee, he explains that the situation of public TV is so serious that if no cuts are made, “in three to four years it is necessary to take the books to court”. Rai explains, in fact, “in three years it has worsened its financial situation by about 300 million euros. To cover a similar figure for a company that has no profits, because in fact it cannot have any and is aiming for a break even, I don’t know how long it will take. The losses of a company such as Rai are not covered. There is not in the law. If someone makes a law to that effect, it can also be a strategy to finance the product and quality at a loss, but currently the losses are not covered by the state and all remain in the company. In three to four years, if this dynamic continued, the books would be brought to court. And I believe that neither I, nor the president, nor the Board of Directors, which unanimously voted in favor of these terrible cuts, want to bring the RAI books to court ». The CEO of Viale Mazzini Carlo Fuortes said so during the reply to the questions put to him by the RAI Commissioners.

«We are all in full agreement, he underlined – that quality is an absolute priority in a cultural company and I have always tried to prove this with facts in all the companies I have managed, but you need to have the resources. You know well that the RAI fee is equal to 90 euros, which in France is 135 euros, in England it is 180 euros, Germany 240 euros. There is therefore a problem of resources. And compared to our sisters in the Public Service we are certainly underfunded. This is undoubted. We have a part, which perhaps others do not have, of advertising revenues which, however, has a ceiling that among other things we are discussing whether to reduce. Here, therefore, we are not talking about enhancing Rai, but about how to be able to continue living. It is therefore extremely important how to bring Rai into balance. Three hundred million of worsening of the financial situation is a very difficult cost to bear ». So, a passage on the now former Deputy Director of Sport. “Varriale? It was a request from Bulbarelli (director Raisport ed). My powers, by statute, are to appoint the deputy director, after hearing and on the proposal of the director, and I have kept to my powers “.

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