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Gasoline could reach 16,000 pesos

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Gasoline could reach 16,000 pesos

Gasoline could reach 16,000 pesos, according to the head of the portfolio, Ricardo Bonilla, who warned of a widening of the gap.

The Minister of Finance, Ricardo Bonilla reiterated that the price of gasoline could reach $16,000 by the end of 2023.

“We had already planned that we would have to go up to $15,500 and we may have to reach the $16,000 that we had planned months ago. But remember that at the beginning of the year it was expected to rise to $18,000,” the official explained during the 34th Asobancaria Capital Market Symposium, which took place on September 22.

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This increase would respond to the fact that the gap, which was previously decreasing, widened again, in part, due to the increase in the international price of oil.

“Yes, at this moment one thing we are evaluating is that the international price has risen again. So the gap that we had, that we were closing, widened a little, we are evaluating that”stated the portfolio manager.

Bonilla added that it is not among the Government’s plans to set a differential rate for taxis. “Taxi rates are going to have to increase in January, so the subsidy goes until January,” said the economist.

“What we are going to recognize is that the gallon of gasoline was increased by $400 pesos and that taxi drivers consume more or less six gallons per day and it is that portion that will be recognized that can cost depending on the mileage. In the city $60,000 per taxi”

In the month of April, and after the ministerial shakeup that resulted in his appointment as Minister of Finance, Ricardo Bonilla said, in dialogue with Blu mornings, to the increase in the value of gasoline. At that time, he indicated that it would reach $16,000 gradually and as a consequence of a billion-dollar “gap” left by the previous government.

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“President (Iván) Duque did not raise it, he left us a gap of 30 billion pesos. That is the gap that is being healed. The price of regular gasoline should reach around 15, 16,000 pesos. But it will arrive in three years,” he explained at the time.

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