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Government, 3.27 billion to extend bills cut and gas storage guarantees

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Government, 3.27 billion to extend bills cut and gas storage guarantees

The yes arrives in the Council of Ministers to the new decree against the increase in the cost of electricity and gas bills. And green light is also given to the measure to guarantee liquidity to companies that store natural gas, and to the contribution for companies that import natural gas on the Italian market. According to the draft, the new government intervention amounts to 3.27 billion euros.

5% VAT on gas extended to the third quarter

The general system charges in the electricity sector are therefore eliminated also for the third quarter of 2022, the same for gas, with the reduction of VAT confirmed at 5%. This is what the provision has arrived on the table of ministers, a slim provision, just two pages and six articles. Article 1, on the containment of increases in electricity bills, provides for the cancellation of general system charges “also connected in medium and high / very high voltage or for public lighting or recharging electric vehicles in places accessible to the public” , reads the text.

Sace guarantees also extended to gas storage companies

On the basis of the draft provision, the temporary measures to support the liquidity of companies (through guarantees given by Sace) introduced with the Aid decree of 17 May last will also apply to companies that store natural gas.

“Offer” for companies that import gas, returned if at a loss

Companies that import gas into Italy will have to pay a contribution that will be paid to the Energy and Environmental Services Fund (CSEA). In the text there is not yet the percentage that the importing companies will have to pay, but it is explained how it will have to be calculated. It is also foreseen that the offering will be returned in the loss house. «To subjects who have recorded a loss in the audited financial statements for the year or years that include the period covered by the intervention – the text reads in fact – the amounts previously paid are returned within the limits of the value of the loss».

Ok to Legislative Decree on the EU directive for work-life balance

The Government also approved the legislative decrees proposed by the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Andrea Orlando, transposing two EU directives on transparent working conditions and on the balance between professional activity and family life for parents and carers. .

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