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Government appoints the negotiating team with the FARC dissidents

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Government appoints the negotiating team with the FARC dissidents

Peace Talks:

The Government and the EMC announced that they reached an agreement to set up a peace negotiating table and that the step prior to said setting up was for each party to name their delegations.

“In the installation of the Peace Dialogues Table The parties will discuss and approve the bilateral and temporary ceasefire of a national nature,” said the joint statement released this Saturday by the parties.

The announcement comes a month and a half after the government, which had already begun rapprochement with the EMC, partially suspended the bilateral ceasefire with that dissidence in response to the murder of four indigenous minors who tried to escape after being recruited by force in the south of the country by the Carolina Ramírez Front, which is part of that group.

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The new work plan also includes the methodology and the peace agenda that will be implemented, as well as the creation of a mechanism that will be in charge of building trust and resolving tensions between the parties.

Likewise, the Government published several resolutions this week in which it recognizes several of its members as representatives of the dissidence -among them Carlos Eduardo García Téllez, Luis Carlos Pinilla, Renzo Martínez, Robinson González, Ramiro Pinzón and Walter Ruiz- “to participate in the peace approaches that are made with the national government”.

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