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Here is Mario’s testament letter

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Here is Mario’s testament letter

Hello everybody,

I am Mario, and yes the Mario you have known in these last two years but this time will be the last time you will hear my words because I am writing to you a few days from when I will finally be able to press that button and I will be able to put an end to my suffering.

I preferred to stay Mario, but not out of cowardice or cowardice, now revealing my identity would not make sense I will remain in the imagination of the people but those who had to know me knew me.

I do not deny that I am sorry to take leave of life, I would be false and a liar if I said the opposite because life is fantastic and we only have one.

But unfortunately it went like this and as I have always said, fate or my fault I do not know, but I am exhausted both mentally and physically, but thinking about before the accident where I did and had everything in life even after I did everything possible to be able to live the best possible and try to recover the most from my disability.

I can say that since I received the last positive opinion on the drug in February I have been thinking about it over and over again a day if I am sure of what I am going to do, because I know that pressing that button will mean falling asleep closing your eyes with no more return, but thinking every day as soon as I wake up until the evening when I fall asleep how I live and spend my days and postpone what would change me, nothing would just postpone pains, sufferings that would not make sense, I do not have a minimum of autonomy in daily life, I am at the mercy some events, I depend on others for everything, are like a boat adrift in the ocean. I am aware of my physical condition and future prospects so I am totally calm and calm about what I will do.

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I don’t know if everyone will ever understand and ever accept my choice because in these conditions there is me and speaking from outside is easy.

Now I wanted to thank my mother who has looked after me over the years, those few real friends and they know who I am because they have always been there, my physiotherapist, my nurse, the boy who assisted me, my doctor, the doctor , the bank manager and all my relatives who for years had known about my choice before going to Switzerland and then to do it in Italy and never gave the news out of respect for my and family’s privacy.

Then I thank theAsur Marche who, despite what was done to obtain the result of assisted suicide, but it was my right, made available to me all the aids, assistance and financial aid that I needed. Finally I can not help but thank all theLuca Coscioni Association but in particular all my lawyers and all those who in these two years have worked hard to ensure that the sentence of the Constitutional Court was not just a written sentence but a right was recognized.

I can say with certainty that these people in addition to having been my lawyers before, over the days a great relationship of friendship, loyalty, trust and respect has been established, I have met some very nice people. Thanks for everything Filomena, Francesca, Irene, Cinzia, Massimo, Rocco, Angelo, Dr. Riccio and Marco, you have always been close to me and you have given me the strength to get to the bottom protecting me and my family, giving us serenity and tranquility.

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We defended ourselves by attacking and we attacked by defending ourselves, we did jurisprudence and a piece of history in our country and I am proud and honored to have been by your side, I do not know who will read and listen to this letter but I wish that if you have a lump in your throat or a tear will fall stop, take a deep breath and smile because if you met me remember how I was, always smiling with the joke ready, in a good mood without ever complaining, joking and with a touch of humor that never hurts, then I saw that you had drawn me first on the bed with a pair of boxers and then with a nice blue pajamas with bars that imprisoned me on the bed, now remove the bars because I am finally free to fly where I want and I hope to be there with you.

Now enough other words do not come to me, I would be boring or repetitive on things already said but a special greeting, good luck to all.


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