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Higher Internet speed with around 500,000 connections

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Higher Internet speed with around 500,000 connections

Telekom’s Internet expansion is giving hundreds of thousands of Internet customers faster Internet. Since the beginning of the year, the group has increased the Internet speed of around 500,000 connections throughout Germany. In February 2023 alone there were 354,000. The number of fiber optic lines in the group rose by 262,000 in February. This means that a total of around 5.7 million Telekom customers can enjoy real gigabit speeds.

Internet expansion is progressing

Around 29 million German households now benefit from Internet speeds of more than 250 Mbit/s. Over 35 million customers can use Internet speeds of at least 100 Mbit/s. Telekom is constantly building new junction boxes and connecting them to the fiber optic network.

By the end of 2023, Deutsche Telekom intends to provide around eight million fiber optic connections with gigabit speeds.

For example, high-speed speeds of 1 Gbit/s require a fiber optic connection (FTTH – Fiber To The Home). This makes it possible to transfer large amounts of data, e.g. B. the reception of ultra-high definition TV (UHD).

Telekom tariffs with reduced prices and instant bonus

In order to be able to use these speeds, customers need a corresponding contract. It is therefore worth checking the current Internet speed at your place of residence and, if necessary, switching to a corresponding contract.

In order to enjoy the gigabit speed of a fiber optic connection, booking a “MagentaZuhause GIGA“Tarifs required. These are available in five variants both without MagentaTV and with MagentaTV up to MagentaTV MegaStream, which already includes the costs for access to Netflix, Disney+ and RTL+. All MagentaZuhause GIGA tariffs offer 1 Gbit/ s (1,000 Mbit/s) download speed and 200 Mbit/s upload In addition, a landline flat rate for the German landline network is part of all tariffs.

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Anyone who is a Telekom landline or mobile customer also benefits from MagentaEINS totaling EUR 120: This gives you a monthly discount of EUR 5 on your Telekom mobile phone bill for 24 months and twice the data volume on your Telekom mobile phone contract. When searching for tariffs without gigabit speed, customers are e.g. B. with tariffs like “MagentaZuhause XL inkl. MagentaTV MegaStream” found what you were looking for. In the first three months, Telekom is offering the tariffs at a discounted price. If you order using the Verivox tariff calculator, you will receive a Verivox immediate bonus of 300 euros.

It doesn’t matter which “MagentaZuhause” tariff you choose: If you order your desired Telekom tariff from Verivox, you will receive an immediate bonus of at least 140 euros from Verivox. This will be transferred to your account created in the contract.

Compare telecom internet tariffs

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