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Holidays and reorganization in Belluno hospitals for no vax. Departments merged, patients away

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Urology interventions and hospitalizations moved from Belluno to Feltre. In Santa Maria del Prato together Neurology and Pneumology

BELLUNO. Reorganizations underway in provincial hospitals that derive both from the shortage of staff and from the need to make employees take holidays, but they could also be test beds in view of a more massive reorganization to make up for the suspensions of no vax workers.

At the Feltre hospital

Since yesterday, at the Feltre hospital, in order to optimize the assistance activities, with the same number of beds, the Neurology and Pneumology wards have been transferred to the 6th floor of the Dalla Palma Pavilion. The two operating units will maintain their respective current beds (10 for Neurology and 20 for Pneumology). 8 Orthopedic beds have been reactivated on the 2nd floor of the Dalla Palma Pavilion in the area of ​​the week surgery, wards that will also be operational on the weekend. The ready availability of an orthopedist will be guaranteed.

At the Belluno Hospital

Transformations in sight for Urology. The scheduled surgical activity that requires a hospital stay is temporarily suspended. The emergencies will be transferred to the Feltre hospital during the day after urological consultation in Belluno. At the Belluno hospital, outpatient activities and consultations are guaranteed 7 days a week. «The temporary suspension was necessary due to a lack of staff and an absence due to illness involving Urology specialists. The company, in addition to the agreement with the Ulss Euganea, continues to pursue all possible ways to find staff », warns the health company.

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In reality, “in Urology there should be at least 5 doctors given the 10 beds, but currently there are two left”, underlines the Anaao referent, Luca Barutta. «This is the result of the fact that the staff is now reduced to the bone. I remember that also in Feltre something like this happened some time ago and the Urology of Belluno took care of the patients. Now there has been an exchange of favors ».


But the FP CISL with its new secretary Mario De Boni looks with concern at these reorganizations. «The ULSS presents us with a plan based on the personnel that will be suspended because they are not vaccinated. In fact, if these are the first signs of what is happening due to the “normal” shortage of personnel, what will happen when over 200 employees are suspended? We cannot think “, De Boni continues,” to ask those who have additional overtime hours , we cannot think that departments will be closed as is happening now », reiterates De Boni who will meet the strategic management today.

«On the agenda of the comparison», he specifies, «there are the economic issues of the sector: important issues, but it is more important to understand how the Ulss intends to deal with the suspension of unvaccinated personnel. I believe “, underlines the trade unionist,” that before the resumption of the suspended visits during the pandemic and for which Palazzo Balbi has not put any additional resources to date, it is essential to understand how the services will be reorganized, given that we are on vacation time, that many employees will be left at home because they are not immunized »And then he concludes by pointing out that these changes were communicated a day before they took place. “The workers also have families and must be able to organize their lives, since we are not in an emergency. The reorganization plans the health care company has to do in time ».

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