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[Hot topic]Jack Ma’s whereabouts are unknown, Zhang Gaoli’s sexual assault is written into the resolution of the US Congress | CCP Virus | Evergrande Group

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[New Tang Dynasty News from December 6, 2021, Beijing time]NTDTV recommends popular news and video programs for readers daily.

In November alone, 63 Falun Gong practitioners were sentenced in vain on the mainland

[Pandemic Update 12.06]The Winter Olympics is about to explode in Beijing and block athletes from entering Beijing

Ma Yun went abroad, whereabouts are unknown, major adjustments to Ali management
Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, caught in a regulatory storm, rarely appeared in Europe more than a month ago, but his whereabouts are currently unknown. The Alibaba management has once again reported major personnel adjustments. Dai Shan and Jiang Fan are in charge of the two newly established sectors, and the chief financial officer will also be replaced.

Zhang Gaoli’s sexual assault incident was first written in a resolution of the U.S. Congress
Peng Shuai’s accusation of being sexually assaulted by Zhang Gaoli, the former deputy prime minister of the Communist Party of China, continues to ferment in the international community. U.S. congressmen from both parties recently introduced resolutions across parties, rarely including Zhang Gaoli’s sexual assault in the resolution, and held accountability for the International Olympic Committee’s cooperation with the CCP to cover up the truth.

Hong Kong Media Reveals Inside Story of the Centennial Party Celebration of the Communist Party of China
Scholars from Tsinghua University in Beijing recently disclosed that in order to create a “blue sky” and disperse the haze during the 100th anniversary of the party, the CCP launched a large number of rockets to “blast the sky” and implement artificial rainfall. However, thunder and lightning, strong winds, hail, and heavy rains broke out in Beijing, and the scene was devastated on the day of the party celebration.

China reappears “civil killing of officials”, Liaoning male hanged himself after assassination of village secretary
A few days ago, a man in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province chased the village secretary with a knife, stabbed the village secretary to death and hanged himself. Local villagers revealed that this murder case was suspected of being caused by a land dispute.

Schools in Ningbo, Zhejiang, where the epidemic is rising, all flights to Beijing cancelled
The Beijing Winter Olympics is approaching and there are four outbreaks in various parts of China. New confirmed cases have reappeared in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. All schools in Zhenhai District have been closed urgently. All flights from Ningbo Airport to Beijing have been cancelled.

Xi Jinping’s “National Division” warning expert: China is ready to live a hard life!
Li Daokui, an economist for the Communist Party of China, said recently that the next few years will be the most difficult period for China‘s economy since the reform and opening up. According to Taiwanese economists’ analysis, the warning given by the “National Teacher” Li Daokui is extremely unusual, and the Chinese are preparing to live a hard life.

Shanghai 26-year-old man with stab wounds 9 people were officially notified of their identities (video)
On December 6, a 26-year-old man in Pudong, Shanghai sustained a knife and wounded 9 people. The man fought with the police for a while. The official said that the man is a mental patient on the list, and netizens questioned: How did the list release it?

A sad scene on the streets of Hunan, 83-year-old grandma sells balloons every day just to pay off debts
Recently, an 83-year-old grandmother Su in Changsha, Hunan, sold balloons to pay off her debts on the street, arousing public concern. Many people silently bought Grandma Su’s balloons and told her to “go home early.”

Sunshine 100 re-explodes debt default, China‘s real estate bubble attracts attention
Since the outbreak of the debt default crisis of China Evergrande Group, many well-known real estate companies have successively experienced debt default incidents. Nowadays, the real estate developer “Sunshine 100” has declared another US$179 million in debt and interest to be unable to repay, which has intensified concerns about the bursting of the bubble in China‘s real estate industry.

The U.S. Navy Colonel said it was a rare phenomenon before the Chinese Communist Party’s nuclear submarine floated across the Taiwan Strait
Recently, the Chinese Communist Party’s nuclear submarine was exposed to the surface and crossed the Taiwan Strait, which aroused the concern of the outside world about the situation in the Taiwan Strait. The former senior officer of the Joint Intelligence Center at the US Pacific US Military Headquarters believes that the CCP’s nuclear submarine’s move is abnormal. It may be that something has gone wrong and is rushing back to the shipyard for maintenance.

Insiders: Evergrande’s default may trigger linkages between domestic and foreign debt markets
After China‘s leading real estate company Evergrande announced that it could not perform a private placement debt of US$260 million, the Chinese Communist Party immediately sent a working group to Evergrande. Some insiders pointed out that once the gap for Evergrande’s debt default is opened, creditors have the right to demand that the debt expire quickly, which may trigger a linkage between the domestic and foreign debt markets and form a serious situation of cross-default.

The U.S. ranks first in Asian influence, the CCP loses its “Road to Asian hegemony”
The Lowy Institute, an Australian think tank, released the “2021 Asian Power Index Report” on Sunday (December 5), showing that the United States is still the most influential power in the Asia-Pacific region. The influence of China (the Chinese Communist Party), which was optimistic last year, has declined. The report analyzes that the country “has lost its path to Asian hegemony.”

Yuan Bin: Against the CCP, regardless of the cost, WTA has set an example for the world

Four times in half a year
Thank you NTDTV for reporting on Truth Day

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