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How are the studies of the road to the sea Ánimas – Nuquí going?

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How are the studies of the road to the sea Ánimas – Nuquí going?

Today, February 7, 2023, a report on the progress of the study and design project for the Ánimas-Nuquí sea road was made in the citadel of the Technological University of Chocó.

The total investment of this project is 8,205 million pesos, distributed as follows: consulting, worth 6,076 million pesos, is carried out by the Technological University of Chocó and auditing, worth 2,129 million pesos, is carried out by the Pedagogical University and Technological of Colombia.

This project is the result of the agreements reached in the civic strikes of Chocó in 2016 and 2017.

In 2016, the first studies were carried out that reached up to 13% progress, which was suspended due to difficulties in the agreements and consultations with the communities.

Currently, under the consultancy of the UTCH, the project advances by 46%, complying with socializations and permanent dialogues with the different communities.

Once the geotechnical studies are completed and the information on the five sections of the road is consolidated, the studies and designs will be delivered to Invías for approval together with the guidelines on how the communities require prior consultation to then manage the resources to Phase 3 (construction).

During today’s meeting, it was reported that the project is underway and has an extension until the end of May 2023, which consists of studies and designs for the Ánimas-Nuquí sustainable corridor sections 1 to 4, and a study of regional connectivity for roads related to the runner.

Some requests from the communities, procedures in the agreement to guarantee the life and integrity of the technical and professional personnel that enter the field, in addition to modifications in the layout, have delayed delivery times.

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The Secretary of Social Integration of Chocó, Boris Andrés Peña, as governor in charge, said: “This project has a great impact at the local and national level, it represents the clamor of the Chocoano people and has been achieved through their struggles; We do not forget that the Department is many years behind, this is the fourth consultancy and this time we cannot fail. That is why we appreciate the presence of the communities in these socializations and we call on everyone to move forward with a single purpose, that this project be a reality”.

The Secretary of Infrastructure of Chocó, Wladimir Ledezma, highlighted the work of the University in arranging the project step by step with both Afro and indigenous communities, and even arranging indigenous teaching staff to facilitate communication and get socializations flowing.

This meeting was held at the UTCH Library where representatives of Invías, the Civic Committee for Salvation and Dignity of Chocó, indigenous leaders, community councils, engineers and professionals related to the subject participated.

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