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How much will the new iPhone 14 cost in Colombia?

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How much will the new iPhone 14 cost in Colombia?

Since September of last year, many Apple fans have been waiting for when the new device will begin to be sold. iPhone 14 in Colombia and how much it will cost. However, until recently one of the most important mobile phone companies in the country spoke out this Friday, February 3.

Is about Claro, the company of Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim who mentioned that the new iPhone 14 would be available to customers who are more than 6 months old with this telephone company that has a large presence in Colombia.

Regarding prices, Claro Colombia announced that this new version of the famous iPhone would have the following prices according to your storage capacity:

128 GB iPhone 14: 4,949,960 pesos.

256 GB iPhone 14: 5,569,960 pesos.

iPhone 14 plus 128 GB: 5,669,960 pesos.

iPhone 14 pro: 6’249.960 pesos.

iPhone 14 pro max: 6’899.960 pesos.

Therefore, Colombians will have to prepare their pockets if they want to acquire the novelty of Apple, since the iPhone 14 will cost between 4,949,960 pesos and 6,899,960 pesos.

The surprising news of the iPhone 14

He iPhone 14 will not be left behind and will innovate with new modalities for the features of this new product that will be released in a very short time, with a wide variety of acquisitions to choose from.

brand lovers Apple They are always aware of the news that this brand can launch, especially in cell phones, since every year its users are waiting for the most recent launch, In this way, those who are faithful to this company and its designs and have the possibility of acquiring it are the first to obtain it.

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One of the options that it always offers is the variety of its versions, this time there will be four different models, which will be adapted to the taste of each person and to which their need is accommodated, as it has been handled before, this time it will present the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max y iPhone 14 Pro Max.

However, the location of their front cameras will be located at different ends, that is, the iPhone 14 and the iPhone Max will handle the style of the other previous devices, on the other hand, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be located on the side contrary.

In addition, the devices that are part of the Pro will have another element next to the camera that, it is speculated, will replace the facial recognition function, however, it must be taken into account that this range will be a little more expensive. .

However, its most innovative change consists in the change of panels, the ‘Smart Life’ portal says that: An example is that it seems to confirm that there will be a slight change in the aspect ratio of the screen of the new generation of smartphones Manzana. It will become 19.5:9 (from 20:9 before). This is to achieve higher panels so that all the aforementioned camera elements disturb as little as possible, and, furthermore, what we indicate will not harm the reproduction of games or multimedia content at all.

For now, its price is unknown and its release date too, although it is known that this franchise pleases its customers with new products almost annually.

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