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In the province of Treviso, one million square meters of shops, including shopping centers and medium-sized spaces

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The Tiziano shopping center, in Olmi

In the Marca there are 83 large sales structures and another 976 with an area from 250 to 2,500 meters: the Municipality list by Municipality

TREVISO. The hyper Tosano in Pederobba is the latest arrival, shortly before it was the turn of the Aldi in Strada Ovest in Villorba and the expansion of the Parcofiore in San Fior. But the list could go on for many and many lines, all those necessary to list the 83 shopping centers and 976 medium-sized sales structures (ie with an area between 250 square meters and 2,500) in the Province of Treviso. An unstoppable growth, despite the fact that politics has been saying enough to new commercial surfaces for some time. The truth told by the numbers, however, is another, and is also confirmed by the latest project that is causing half the brand to scream at the scandal: Montello Hill, 25 thousand square meters of commercial space with 160 shops near the Montebelluna della Pedemontana tollbooth. The freeway is changing the face of the municipalities it crosses, and the mayors are ready to bet that it will do so again, because the interest in the land near the toll booths is pressing.

All this despite the fact that the brand already carries on its back a very heavy baggage made up of shopping centers and supermarkets. The official numbers – those from the trade and services organizational unit of the Region – show that in the province the shopping centers have a total of 387,756 square meters of sales area (therefore parking lots, warehouses, corridors, service areas are excluded). To these, however, must be added the medium-sized sales structures, those that have an area between 250 square meters and 2,500 square meters. In short, supermarkets and large shops that also find space in residential areas. There are 976 of these in the Marca; even with a downward average of their retail space, the share of one million square meters of commercial space is achieved. The data also photograph the distribution of surfaces. If for the medium-sized sales structures it is the main centers of the province that have the largest number, for the shopping centers, on the other hand, the suburbs, or the municipalities that are located on important roads, make up the lion’s share. Treviso city has 120 medium-sized structures and just three shopping centers. The latter make up an area of ​​9,255 square meters. Definitely less than other territories: San Fior with two shopping centers exceeds 31,000 square meters, Conegliano with six reaches 28,513, Villorba with seven exceeds 27,000, followed by Castelfranco and San Biagio with 26,000 and 23,000. Villorba is the municipality that has opened the way most to commercial, in relation to its surface. Also in terms of medium-sized structures (40) it is among the first municipalities behind only Treviso, Conegliano (67), Oderzo (48), Montebelluna (41) and ahead of Castelfranco (35).


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