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In Treviso, the calendar of refugees from Ukraine to help children and their compatriots

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In Treviso, the calendar of refugees from Ukraine to help children and their compatriots

There is little 8-year-old Stella, there are Yuliana, Olga and Mariya, daughter, mother and grandmother, her friends Anastasiia, Yuliia and Lotkina. Them and others Ukrainian women, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, girls found themselves refugees in Veneto, in the Marca and in the province of Venice. They became models for a dayper help school for refugee children in Treviso and collect aid for their compatriots at home.

To coordinate the calendar “Ukraine 2023” is thesocial promotion association “La Rondine”a voluntary group of social and cultural initiates.

«Il calendar was created with the participation of our amazing refugee women from Ukraine. Unfortunately they have been forced to abandon their homes, their loved ones, nevertheless every day they find the strength to build Ukraine around themselves», the association explains. Irina, Olha and Oleksandra (mother and 2 year old daughter), Inna, Oksana, Yuliana, Olga, Mariya (daughter, mother, grandmother), Stella, Anastasiia, Yuliia, Lotkina, Nelia, Vita, Olesia, Yuliya, Liliia, Tetiana and Veronika (also mother and daughter), are the protagonists.

“The calendar shows both traditional and modern Ukrainian beauty, it speaks of our cities of their strength and potential”, is the message of the APS La Rondine.

Together with photographs in fact there are the poems on the martyred cities, written in Ukrainian and Italian. Thirteen professionals worked over a month to carry out the project. The stylist of the traditional dresses was Liliia Kholevan, the photographer Evelina Revenchuk, the make-up artists Zoriana Dolynchuk, Lakosh Olena, Alina Balandina, the hairdresser Lotkina Iulia. The Italian-Ukrainian poets Rina Gertner and Marina Sorina, the translator Alla Salso. The activity was coordinated by the “KlukOk” agency of Anzhelika Krasnokutska and Olga Kostiuchenko, and the president of the La Rondine association Tamara Pozdnyakova. Among so many women, the only man was Marco Roman, graphic creator.

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All donations collected will be used directly for the development of the Ukrainian school La Rondine and thesending aid, food, medicines and basic necessities to Ukraine. The location was supplied by the parish of San Giuseppe Lavoratore in San Donà di Piave, which gave its oratory where, as in the oratory of the Votive Church in via Scarpa in Treviso, there is a school for Ukrainian children, recognized by the ministry of Kiev Education. There are about seventy little students who do after-school activities. They learn their native language and basic subjects. While there are Italian courses for refugee adults. A reality that has been active for many years in Treviso (the former Ukraine Plus) which has become even more consolidated in these months of war.

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