Home News Involved in the Ren Zhiqiang case?Pan Shiyi was fined more than 86 million yuan for running away | Pan Shiyi | SOHO China | Ren Zhiqiang | Withdrawal from China | Blackstone Group | Antitrust | Fines

Involved in the Ren Zhiqiang case?Pan Shiyi was fined more than 86 million yuan for running away | Pan Shiyi | SOHO China | Ren Zhiqiang | Withdrawal from China | Blackstone Group | Antitrust | Fines

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[Voice of Hope December 7, 2021](Comprehensive report by our reporter He Jingtian)According to news from the mainland media today (December 7), seven companies in Shanghai of China‘s well-known real estate tycoon Pan Shiyi were fined more than 86 million yuan by the CCP. “Hong Kong 01”, the CCP’s foreign media outlet, reported that the US entry and exit records show that Pan Shiyi entered the US on August 7 this year and did not leave the country. This is known as “successful overturning the wall.”

According to information on the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, many branches of SOHO China’s property subsidiary Beijing Souhou Property Management Co., Ltd. have received 7 consecutive administrative penalties, with warnings and a total fine of 86.64 million yuan.

Lu Media’s “Daily Economic News” reported on December 7 that all 7 administrative penalties were issued on December 2 and came from Shanghai Changning District Market Supervision Administration, Shanghai Jing’an District Market Supervision Administration, and Shanghai Municipality. Huangpu District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, the illegal acts are all violations of electricity prices, involving SOHO China’s SOHO Donghai Plaza, Zhongshan Plaza SOHO, SOHO Fuxing Plaza, Tianhui Plaza (formerly Lingkong SOHO), Bund SOHO, Tianshan SOHO and Gubei SOHO .

According to media reports, these seven branch companies are all suspected of charging users about 1.58 million to 7.25 million yuan in extra electricity charges in the process of collecting and paying the electricity bills of end users. The official website of SOHO China Property stated that the 7 office buildings involved in this punishment are all the projects currently served by SOHO China Property in Shanghai.

SOHO China was founded by Pan Shiyi and others. Over the years, SOHO China has won many core commercial plots in Beijing and Shanghai, and built many city landmarks such as Wangjing SOHO and Lingkong SOHO. In recent years, Pan Shiyi has continued to sell assets in China and continue to buy properties in the United States.

In June of this year, SOHO China announced that the Blackstone Group of the United States had issued a comprehensive takeover offer to SOHO China. SOHO China‘s 91% equity will be sold to Blackstone Group, and will continue to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after the transaction is completed, but in the end the transaction was not reached.

After the two-year merger and acquisition case fell through, Pan Shiyi and his wife Zhang Xin failed to release their assets as they wished, causing the Chinese Communist Party’s official media and some netizens to ridicule that “Pan Shiyi failed to cash out and cannot escape.” The Blackstone Group received a notice from the State Administration for Market Regulation of the Communist Party of China on August 3 this year (2021) and will be subject to an “anti-monopoly” case review.

Pan Shiyi may be included in the CCP’s liquidation list due to the Ren Zhiqiang case

Since 2014, Pan Shiyi and his wife have begun to sell their real estate projects in Shanghai and Beijing. In recent years, they have frequently purchased American assets. News about his withdrawal from China is endless; his son Pan Rui has also been accused of slandering martyrs and was notified by Beijing Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. , Urged to return to the country for investigation.

In addition, Pan Shiyi has a close relationship with Ren Zhiqiang, the former president of Huayuan Group. According to a report by Lu Media, Caijing, the two always respect each other and regard each other as their best rivals and best brothers.

Xie Jinhe, chairman of Taiwan Caixin Media, said that Pan Shiyi and Ren Zhiqiang are good friends in China. They like to ignore national affairs in the era of China’s opening up. Later, when Ren Zhiqiang was sentenced, Pan Shiyi may soon appear on the liquidated list, and the ranking depends on it. forward.

Beijing real estate tycoon Ren Zhiqiang was sentenced to 18 years in prison by the Chinese Communist Party last year (2020). The outside world believes that Ren Zhiqiang offended the Beijing authorities for criticizing the CCP for its serious negligence in dealing with the CCP virus epidemic, directly pointing to the CCP’s system shortcomings, and implying that Xi Jinping was “a clown who stripped his clothes and insisted on being the emperor”.

Xie Jinhe believes that after Ren Zhiqiang was arrested and sentenced, all those who used to make a lot of noise on the table at this time will definitely arouse the CCP’s high attention. The relationship between Pan Shiyi and Ren Zhiqiang is too deep, and it is very likely that they will be the target of the CCP.

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