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Joe Biden called for condemning Hamas sexual violence against Israeli women and girls

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Joe Biden called for condemning Hamas sexual violence against Israeli women and girls

President Joe Biden Condemns Hamas’ Sexual Violence Against Israeli Women and Girls

During a fundraising event in Boston for his presidential campaign, President Joe Biden called for strong condemnation of the sexual violence committed by Hamas terrorists against Israeli women and girls. He described the actions as devastating and emphasized the need for the world to respond with unequivocal condemnation.

The president’s remarks were based on the testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the attacks that Palestinian fighters have carried out against the Jewish people since October 7. These harrowing testimonies have revealed cases of rape, mutilation, and desecration of corpses, confirming the extent of the violence inflicted on Israeli women and girls.

Speaking passionately about ending violence against women and sexual assault, President Biden highlighted the impact of these ongoing hostilities on innocent civilians. He specifically addressed the situation of 138 people still being held captive in Gaza by Hamas, calling for their immediate release and emphasizing the United States‘ commitment to their safe return.

Biden also criticized the Iranian-backed armed group for being solely responsible for the resumption of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the breakdown of a recent truce agreement. Despite efforts by the United States, Qatar, and Egypt to secure a ceasefire and facilitate the release of hostages, the prospect of reaching a new truce currently seems uncertain.

Following the president’s statements, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with relatives of the kidnapped individuals and, to their dismay, informed them that there is currently no possibility of a release. The emotional meeting underscored the deep anguish and frustration experienced by the families of the hostages.

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As the situation continues to unfold, the United States remains intensely focused on achieving the safe return of all Hamas hostages and is committed to supporting efforts to end the ongoing conflict and violence in the region.

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