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Joost Venken pushes Green list of political son Bright Adiyia

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Bright Adiyia (35) from Genk heads the Flemish list of Groen in Limburg. — © Sven Dillen

Elections 2024

Hasselt –

Former Hasselt councilor Joost Venken (51) pushes the Flemish list of Green in Limburg. He thus gives his explicit support to his political son, party leader Bright Adiyia (35) from Genk.

Although Groen-Limburg will not announce its full lists for the June 9 elections until the end of this month, party leaders Dirk Opsteyn (House of Representatives) and Bright Adiyia (Flemish Parliament) have already given a glimpse of the veil.

On the parliamentary list, Lanakenaar Dirk Opsteyn (51), Hasselt’s alderman for poverty reduction, nature and equal opportunities, is behind Derya Erdogan. Parliamentary employee and Tongeren municipal councilor Ruben Stassen is in third place. MP Barbara Creemers says goodbye to parliament but pushes the list, Jorge Luyts from Ham is the first successor.

Meral Ozcan from Beringen takes second place on the Flemish list. She is a part-time teacher in Genk and an independent real estate agent. She was a municipal councilor for Groen and is returning to the political arena after a year of rest. Third place goes to Hasselt’s alderman for culture, climate and global policy Nele Kelchtermans.

Former Hasselt councilor Joost Venken is pushing the list of his political son Bright Adiyia. — © ID

Hasselt municipal councilor Joost Venken is pushing the Flemish list. The strategic climate & energy manager at the city of Genk suffered a burnout at the end of 2021, which forced him to say goodbye to his aldermanship in Hasselt. It was also Venken who led party leader Bright Adiyia into the party in 2013.

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“There is a strong, motivated team ready to go to the voters with Groen-Limburg. We are ready for the campaign and to make fair climate policy, good affordable care and fair opportunities for everyone the focus of the elections,” say Adiyia and Opsteyn. (yl)

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