Home News La Russa closes the Fdi election campaign in Milan: “Roman greetings and fascism? They always emerge before the vote “

La Russa closes the Fdi election campaign in Milan: “Roman greetings and fascism? They always emerge before the vote “

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La Russa closes the Fdi election campaign in Milan: “Roman greetings and fascism?  They always emerge before the vote “

MILAN. “In a few hours our dream can become reality.” Also from Piazza San Carlo in Milan, near the very central San Babila, in the closing of the electoral campaign the Lombard candidates of the Brothers of Italy hope to win the political elections on 25 September.

Senator Ignazio La Russa proudly shows the T-shirt “Never with the Democratic Party, never with the Five Stars”, saying that he uses it as pajamas at night so he cannot help but “respect the commitments made with the Italians, who like us they can trust. Today we take a silent oath here, we will do everything that Italy needs without changing anything of what we are saying to the Italians ». Instead of citizenship income, he promises to supporters in the square that “we say to employers: the more you hire, the less taxes you pay” and to citizens that “safety will be a priority”. A reference also to international politics «as we have been doing since 1949 we will always be on the side of the West, on the Atlantic side and on the side of NATO. We want an Italy that is in Europe like the others ». La Russa also replies from the stage to those who speak of Fdi’s positions on Viktor Orban: “I doubt that the left has an automatic reflex because it has not yet digested what the Hungarians have shown: while the left was on the side of the tanks Communists, they never forgave the Hungarian people for not giving in. ” And he assures that with Giorgia Meloni premier «we will make everyone change their minds about the lies that have been told, he will make the whole left reconsider the enormously lying things they have said about him. After the elections you will see that they will forget what they said, that there will no longer be talk of fascism and Roman greetings, which traditionally always emerge in the weeks before the elections. They will forget, we will have a long memory ». No direct comment from La Russa on the video that immortalized his brother Romano (new regional councilor for security) with his arm raised during the funeral of Alberto Stabilini. Daniela Santanchè replies on the sidelines of the event: «My thoughts are very clear, very strong: she made a mistake, she made a profound mistake. We will see what to do after the elections ». The Lombard coordinator of Fdi, in addition to specifying that no

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competitions within the coalition regarding a possible overtaking of his party on the League, he also talks about the scenarios for the next regional elections and to those who ask if Attilio Fontana is the candidate of the Center-right, as repeated several times by the Lega, replies “We are allies wings. So we have always said that the outgoing candidate is right to be re-nominated. Then the allies broke on Sicily, but we are different from this point of view ». However, he also reiterates that to Letizia Moratti, who expressed her willingness to the Center-right to participate in the regional race, “we must respond, because she is a center-right personality, she was mayor of Milan, she was minister, she was president of Rai, for which politics is like life, as a matter of respect, one responds ». From the stage Santanchè also throws a dig at the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta and referring to his visit to Germany with Chancellor Olaf Scholz declares: “They are the party of recommendations, since they no longer have the votes they are recommended by the presidents of other nations “.

Isabella Rauti, daughter of Pino (former MSI secretary) and candidate in Sesto San Giovanni also participates in the rally in San Babila: “Finally on Sunday the word returns to the Italian people and Giorgia Meloni has proven to be the only one able to fill squares throughout Italy “.

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