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La Thuile, the demolition order of the houses in Thovex signed

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Owners 90 days to tear them down, but alternative solutions are sought

LA THUILE. The Municipality of La Thuile signed the order for the demolition of the three houses in the Thovex hamlet built with a building permit from 2010 that the municipal administration should not have issued. The four families who live there are given 90 days to comply with the order to demolish the houses and restore the state of the places. However, there is the possibility of appealing to the TAR or the President of the Republic against the provision.

The ordinance of the Municipal Technical Office executes the sentence with which in April the Council of State definitively canceled the building permit because it was issued, among other things, in the absence of a road.

There remains the possibility of an agreement between the owners of the houses and the Hermitage condominium that has brought several lawsuits against the houses. Regional policy has also moved with some hearings in the Commission to see if there is the possibility of an alternative solution to scrapping.

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