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Labour reform

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Labour reform

Within the reformist desire of the national government headed by Gustavo Petro Urrego, the Congress of the Republic will address labor reform on its agenda, which has generated deep rejection by the country’s productive sector and by the acceptance of the country’s unions. But unfortunately, the productive sector is experiencing its worst moment in history in this mandate, due to its inconsistent actions in the application of the macroeconomic policy instruments that have placed it in intensive care in just seven months since its mandate began. The labor market is not working properly. It is a consensus for Tyrians and Trojans. With an unemployment rate that registered 13.7% last January and a level of labor informality of 58%, according to Dane, the current regulations have not been effective in generating sufficient and formal new jobs for society. Colombian.

Entrepreneurs constantly complain about the high costs of hiring, inflexibility in social security contributions and hourly work, mismatch between training and the needs of the productive sector, among others, constituting serious obstacles to the generation of new jobs. If the text presented by the government is approved, it becomes the main threat to boost the Colombian labor market, given the restrictions that it presents in its articles. It is a substantial improvement in the conditions of those who already have formal work.

We have that the night shift would begin at six in the afternoon and not at nine at night and the payment of surcharges for Sundays and holidays would be increased. Likewise, the work week will decrease from the current 48 hours to 42, the family day returns and paternity leave will go up to 12 months from today until 2025. The job stability of those who are currently workers will also be reinforced, it will limit outsourcing, indefinite-term contracts would be the general rule and fixed-term contracts could only last up to two years. In summary, a series of measures that benefit the minority that is fortunate enough to enjoy a formal job. And the rest of the unemployed population will have difficulties accessing a formal position. We are heading towards strengthening informality, even if the luminaries that make up the high government, who are totally out of context of the national reality, do not want to accept it.

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As things stand, this labor reform becomes the main thrust for job creation in the country. Congressmen have the floor. Remember that the regional elections are approaching. The primary constituent does not forget its legislative decisions. They can bill you on election day as happened in previous electoral fairs.

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