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Less lights to give a sign: in Castelfranco the Christmas village will open on November 26th

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Less lights to give a sign: in Castelfranco the Christmas village will open on November 26th

Christmas lights, choose sobriety for the upcoming holidays in reference to the economic and energy crisis: to ask is the mixed group composed of the exiles from the League Stefano Pasqualotto, Viviana Gatto and Giovanni Cattapan together with the independent Diego Giovine with their first interpellation, after the constitution of the new group, presented on Monday evening in the city council.

“Given the energy crisis that has arisen, which has imposed important economic rationalizations in both the public and private sectors and given that this has also generated a socio-economic crisis for families and companies, we ask whether in view of the upcoming Christmas holidays it has been considering this situation and what will be the actual expenditure commitment net of any contributions that the Municipality will support ».

“The objective of our first questioning”, explains the councilor Diego Giovine, “is to ask that for this year the embellishment of the historic center be contained which, as is tradition, sees the setting up of the lights in particular on the castle walls and inside. This is also to give a signal of sharing to families and companies that are experiencing a difficult time. Attention, we do not ask that there be no lights, for this year we could only think of a few decorated trees ».

Also in Castelfranco, therefore, the debate opens on a more sober Christmas, as has happened in other municipalities of the Marca. The choice of Vittorio Veneto is drastic, where the municipality will not turn on the lights, nor will it set up ice skating rinks and panoramic wheels.

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Regarding what will happen in Castelfranco, Mayor Stefano Marcon shares the idea of ​​a cheap Christmas on the lighting front: «There will be, but I think it will also be important to show closeness to those who are not having an easy time. We are thinking about it these days and we will make our considerations ».

Meanwhile, the now traditional Christmas houses have been assigned that will be set up in the gardens under the walls, 27 stations where you can buy gifts, food and refreshment points that will open their doors on November 26: “We have already embarked on the path of energy saving », Specifies the deputy mayor and councilor for Commerce Marica Galante,« with the use of low-consumption LED lamps, but also with a reduction in the switch-on time during the night and now we will think of other measures. I think it is useful to ensure that the city is attractive in any case during the Christmas period, also to help the trade sector ».

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