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‘Los Mellizos’ captured with 12 kg of marijuana in La Plata, Huila

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‘Los Mellizos’ captured with 12 kg of marijuana in La Plata, Huila

Two brothers were arrested in the municipality of La Plata after being discovered transporting approximately 12 kg of marijuana on two motorcycles that were circulating through the urban area.

The events occurred when police officers saw two individuals traveling on two motorcycles, each with a load in the rear. When trying to stop them, the suspects ignored them and fled towards the road that leads to the municipality of La Argentina.

However, thanks to the activation of a lock plan, the criminals were intercepted in the Belgium sector by police patrols, which allowed the capture of the two brothers and the confiscation of the marijuana shipment.

Colonel William Javier Lara Avendaño, commander of the Huila Police Department, highlighted the effectiveness of the padlock plans implemented in recent days to combat crime in the western and southern municipalities of the department. The capture of ‘Los Mellizos’ in La Plata is a clear example of the good results obtained thanks to these police actions.

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Detained in Campoalegre

In other events, in the last few hours, in the San Isidro Alto neighborhood of the municipality of Campoalegre, they managed to capture a 27-year-old man known as ‘Checho’, who was traveling along Highway 9 and 8, when he was required. by the uniformed officers and to evade capture he tries to flee and throws a bag with at least 24 doses of narcotics on the ground, finally the police manage to capture him.

‘Checho’ was captured for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing or carrying narcotics and left at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office pending resolution of his judicial situation.

The Huila Police invites citizens to report and report on lines 123 or quadrant numbers, any suspicious or criminal activity in their sectors, in order to confront crime and capture those who violate the law. coexistence and citizen security.

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