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M5S, Crimi: ‘From April no more monthly fee for Rousseau’

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It is now a battle with stamped cards. The battle between Casaleggio and 5Stelle does not subside and the regent of the Vito Crimi Movement explains during the assembly with the parliamentarians, that “there are no defaults for our lawyers”. And he adds: «Today all parliamentarians are obliged to return a minimum amount of 2 thousand euros plus 300 euros to be allocated directly to the Rousseau Association. The rest must be reported. From the reporting for the month of April, a total fixed refund of 2,500 euros is expected, divided as follows: 1,500 euros for the return to the community (the reporting committee will be passed and there will be a specific current account dedicated to the 5-star movement with restricted use); 1,000 euros to the current account of the 5-star movement, which also includes the former quota of 300 euros to the Rousseau Association which will no longer have to be paid starting from the month of April ». So until March 31st. Crimi specifies, then stop. Not only does the regent also announce that keeping the headquarters of the Movement in a law firm is no longer sustainable “and therefore offers to” change also in view of a relaunch “.

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