Home News Many people in Xi’an have been diagnosed with close contacts and nearly two thousand citizens do not leave the city unless necessary | Shanghai retired teacher | Big Wild Goose Pagoda | Xi’an Epidemic

Many people in Xi’an have been diagnosed with close contacts and nearly two thousand citizens do not leave the city unless necessary | Shanghai retired teacher | Big Wild Goose Pagoda | Xi’an Epidemic

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[NTD News October 18, 2021, Beijing time]After the Chinese Communist Party’s 11th holiday, many cases of COVID-19 (COVID-19) broke out in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, all of whom were over 60 years old. There are as many as 1819 close contacts of these cases. Xi’an requires citizens not to leave the city unless necessary, and scenic spots such as Xi’an Big Wild Goose Pagoda are closed for control.

Citizens of new cases in Xi’an do not need to go out of the market

On October 18, the Xi’an epidemic prevention and control press conference stated that from 0:00 on the 17th to 7:00 on the 18th, 6 new local confirmed cases in Shaanxi (including 2 cases of nucleic acid-positive tourists from other provinces that have been released on the 17th), 1 Cases of native asymptomatic infection.

The meeting reported that as of 8 o’clock on the 18th, the city has traced 7 people, a total of 1553 close contacts, and 266 close contacts outside the city; 457 close contacts in the city and 37 close contacts outside the city.

The association requires local citizens not to go out or go out of the city unless necessary, and all units will not organize going out and gathering activities in the near future.

However, the official notification did not disclose the source of the epidemic.

Since the CCP has always concealed the truth, the outside world is skeptical of the true figures.

Tourists diagnosed in Shaanxi include teachers from Shanghai and people from Haikou, etc.

As mentioned above, the two cases reported on the 17th were retired teachers from a certain university in Shanghai and were husband and wife. The couple tested positive for nucleic acid when they were in Jiayuguan, Gansu, but they left by themselves and arrived in Xi’an on a flight. Their trajectories involved places such as Shanghai, Ejina Banner in Inner Mongolia, Xi’an in Shaanxi, Zhangye and Jiayuguan in Gansu.

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It is reported that Jiayuguan City requested on the 18th to conduct nucleic acid testing for all employees in the city. Jiayuguan City stated that the two people arrived at Jiayuguan by car from Ejina Banner in Inner Mongolia.

On the 18th, Haikou officials reported that the two confirmed cases reported by Shaanxi Province on the 18th were 65-year-old Wang (male) and 64-year-old Wang (female) from Haikou City. The two are currently in a designated hospital in Xi’an.

The report stated that the two left Haikou in mid-May and early September this year, and have not returned to Haikou so far.

Official reports from Xi’an indicated that these cases were all elderly people over 60 years old. Except for the two confirmed cases, they were from Haikou, and the others were from Shanghai.

Shanghainese include: 62-year-old Yan (female), 65-year-old Jiang (male), 65-year-old Chen (female), 76-year-old Pan (male), and 66-year-old Zhang (male).

Closed control of scenic spots such as Xi’an Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Among them, Yan and Jiang are the aforementioned retired teachers.

When they were in Xi’an, their trajectories covered the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the North Square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Dacien Temple, Dongqing Tower’s ancient face, Xinshan cuisine and other places; After staying at the Jiayuguan Nuojin Hotel, I went to the Tea Horse Road Restaurant for dinner, and then went to Jiayuguan Airport and other places.

CCTV said on the 17th that the staff of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Xi’an Qujiang New District disclosed that the Dayan Pagoda Scenic Area and the Datang Evernight City block were temporarily closed due to the epidemic, and the scenic area is currently under closed control.

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(Reported by reporter Li Jinfeng/Editor in charge: Li Quan)

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