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Maturín shone in 2023 thanks to tax collection

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Maturín shone in 2023 thanks to tax collection

Mayor Ana Fuentes took stock of the achievements achieved this year in Maturinwhich were realized thanks to tax collection.

Regarding the recovery of spaces for enjoyment and advances in terms of decoration, Fuentes commented that the conditioning of squares is part of a plan that seeks to protect the historical and natural heritage of the municipality. He reiterated his interest in preserving the environment and taking care of the Maturín plant lung.

«Maturín has a green treasure of vegetation and natural spaces, maintaining them is a task that requires a lot of effort, but we have assumed that responsibility with total commitment from the beginning. “We are aware of how important the environmental issue is,” he explained.

In sports, he referred to the remodeling of the Sports Center as a “super work” of infrastructure carried out by the governor of Monagas Ernesto Luna in Maturín and that will be of great importance for the youth of Maturín and for the consolidation of a modern city.

Socially, he predicted a great positive impact of the sports works to continue training Monagas athletes. He highlighted that the Sports Center is located between the end of Paseo Bolívar and the La Guaricha Zoological Park, two iconic public spaces of the city.

Maturín shines at Christmas

The mayor was pleased with the receptivity of the Christmas decoration and lighting of public spaces in Maturín such as Plaza Bolívar, Ayacucho, Piar, Romulo Gallegos and El Balancín. She specified that the main purpose of these works is to continue providing citizens with places for healthy enjoyment, especially during these Christmas holidays of family unity.
He highlighted that in the 2024 agenda, the Maturín Mayor’s Office plans to rehabilitate the Plazas El Indio, El 7 and Paseo Aerobico, to continue modernizing Maturín in terms of infrastructure.
In lighting, Fuentes highlighted that in 2023 the Public Lighting Directorate through the “Maturín Brilla” Plan has installed 15,989 luminaires in the 10 parishes of Maturín, a figure that added to the 2022 balance, totals more than 26 thousand high-tech LED bulbs and low consumption so far in management.

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Sanitation and awareness

The Mayor called on residents to deposit solid waste at the designated points, because “working together with a sense of belonging and ecological awareness”, the effectiveness of the 12 collection routes that operate in Maturín can be improved. .

«We are moving towards the 20 routes necessary in Maturín to completely optimize the sanitation service in the municipality. Thanks to businessmen, fundraising and teamwork we have made considerable progress,” highlighted the Mayor.

He announced that his team is studying the case of the Potrerito landfill since it is a project for the final disposal of waste that requires a large investment that would inevitably impact taxpayers. For this reason, he stated that they will continue working on the design of a definitive solution that benefits everyone and has the least impact on the costs of the urban cleaning service.

Modern land terminal for everyone

Among the improvements achieved this year, Fuentes mentioned the work on the Maturín Interurban and Suburban Terminal Autonomous Service (Satiusum), which has served to improve the operation of public, urban and interurban transportation through self-management.

Likewise, he maintained that the relocation of stops and the reorganization of routes achieved during 2023 provided great advances in the service.

Tax collection for development

In terms of collection, the president specified that from the Municipal Superintendency of Tax Administration of Maturín (Suptrima) and with the Organic Law of Coordination and Harmonization of the Tax Powers of the States and Municipalities, the tax policy has been greatly strengthened. in the entity.

«Important monitoring work is being carried out to establish the list of those businesses that pay the minimum tax, this aims to avoid tax evasion and ensure that each taxpayer understands that complying with their commitments is contributing to the development and growth of the municipality,” he explained.

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He pointed out that collection increased 100% during his administration with a transparent system, good treatment of taxpayers and a committed work team that always puts the interests of the municipality above, in an intense fight to avoid illicit actions, vices and other irregularities before existing.

In advertising, the president explained that from 2021 to 2023 the municipality stopped receiving taxes for this concept and as a result, through Suptrima, mechanisms were undertaken to recover this income without affecting merchants.

«We made a decree that exempts the payment of debts for advertising, as long as the taxpayer committed to renew their advertising, however very few merchants have complied. Out of good will we have undertaken different actions but if we do not see responses from the merchants, we will take action on the matter because the effort must be mutual and for the good of Maturín,” he said.

He also commented that an ordinance was created, after consultation with merchants, to adjust different necessary topics and set sincere and fair rates in terms of advertising.

Mayor Ana Fuentes recovers the lighting of the main avenues of Maturín.

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