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Maturity 2022, the first test starts: the traces of the theme

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Maturity 2022, the first test starts: the traces of the theme

Maturity 2022, started with the Italian test. And here are the tracks. AND’ Giovanni Pascoli the author chosen in the typology section a – analysis and interpretation of a literary text. The text is “La via ferrata”, taken from Myricae. Pascoli was released at the Maturity in 1990. The second proposal is the short story Nedda by Giovanni Verga.

For the typology b – analysis and production of an argumentative text – the theme is that of racial laws, and the passage is a text taken from the book written by Gherardo Colombo e Liliana Segre, “The only fault of being born”. The second proposal is a text taken from Oliver Sacks, “Musicophilia”: we ask for a reasoning on the power that music exerts on human beings. The third proposal is the speech given by the Nobel Prize in Physics Giorgio Parisi on 8 October 2021 in the Chamber on the occasion of the pre-Cop26. At the center of his speech, the theme of covid, climate change and the importance of science.

For the typology c – critical reflection of an expository-argumentative nature on topical issues – the first proposal is a text taken from “Why a Constitution of the earth” by Luigi Ferrajoli, on the pandemic and its economic and social effects. The subject of hyperconnection was also proposed to the high school graduates who came out of Dad’s two years. “Keep it on: post comment share without turning off your brain”: a reflection starting from the linguist’s book Vera Gheno and the journalist and philosopher Bruno Mastroianni.


At 8.30 the electronic key with which the schools decrypted the text of the first written test was published on the website of the Ministry of Education. But the rumors started a few minutes later, in the social tam tam of the student communities: Skuola.net and Studenti.it.

After two years of pandemic, he is back written in Italian. In attendance, and without masks (no longer mandatory), 539 thousand students will face the tests. According to the first data elaborated by the ministry, 96.2% of candidates and candidates obtained admission.

Traces: the reactions

“Satisfactory tracks, two authors have come out, Pascoli and Verga, well studied in the programs” the first warm comments of the professors. “There is no doubt that there was the will to meet the students of the first normal exam after the pandemic. They are therefore a sign of the desire to dialogue and listen to them. Propose authors such as Pascoli and Verga – and of this ‘last one of the most famous short stories – it means giving the possibility to every student to move on a terrain that is certainly known to him “is the reflection of Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Association of Principals. “The non-literary traces, moreover, require the treatment of topics that are easy to approach and the subject of frequent public debate”.

Maturity, Bianchi: “Good work”

“I want to reiterate my message of encouragement to female students and students – the words of the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi on the eve – the State Exam is an important moment of transition, it must be lived with enthusiasm. We are at your side. Trust your abilities “. The traces? “They are beautiful, beautiful”.

In all, there are seven tracks divided into three different types: analysis and interpretation of the literary text, analysis and production of an argumentative text, critical reflection of an expository-argumentative nature on topical issues.

Students will have 6 hours at their disposal for writing in Italian: vocabularies and pens are allowed. Cell phones have been withdrawn.

Students: “We have been listened to”

“At least on the choice of tracks, the students were listened to! Never like this year the anticipations of the eve, based on the expectations of the graduates, as we have detected them, have been respected: Verga and Pascoli were the most popular authors on the eve and , however, since they are authors of the 19th century, it is quite probable that all the high school students have crossed paths with them during their studies – he comments Daniele Grassuccidirector of the portal Skuola.net – While the environment and the pandemic were among the most anticipated topics regarding current affairs. We hope that these choices, certainly not exotic, will make it easier for students. “

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