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Maxi theft of watches in the burned-out villa: an investigation has been opened

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Huge damage, but not yet accurately estimated: a new inspection by the carabinieri in search of clues

BUJA. A maxi-theft was carried out in the villa which burned down late Sunday afternoon in Buja, in via Armentarie, while the owner, an entrepreneur, was away. Fine watches have disappeared – even Rolex – for a damage that is decidedly considerable, but which has not yet been precisely quantified.

Already Sunday evening, when the firefighters, around 6 pm, had intervened to tame the flames, they had found themselves facing an anomalous scenario, since two doors had been torn up, there were signs of forced entry and it was clear that someone he had rummaged inside the house. So much so that the rescuers who intervened had not been able to rule out a possible malicious origin of the fire.

In those moments, however, while the firefighters from the Udine command and the San Daniele detachment were still at work, it was very difficult to understand what had really happened in the house. For this reason, the Carabinieri of Buja, together with the colleagues of the Radiomobile of the Tolmezzo Company, returned to via Armentarie to carry out an accurate inspection and thus be able to identify any useful clues to reconstruct the episode whose outlines are still far from defined. The military will also review footage recorded by the surveillance cameras closest to the cottage.

“There have been thefts in Buja – commented the mayor of Buja, Stefano Bergagna – but never like this, it is an unusual fact that has aroused astonishment in the town. A theft and a fire together. It is not possible to know at the moment what really happened, the investigators are at work. What is sorry is that the damage to the property is enormous, so much so that it is now unusable. For this reason, on behalf of the community, I express solidarity with our fellow citizen ». Even the deputy mayor, Giovanni Calligaro, expressed regret for the incident and closeness to the entrepreneur.

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