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May 9 Roles will not be abandoned, Corps Commanders Conference

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May 9 Roles will not be abandoned, Corps Commanders Conference

Web Desk: The Corps Commanders’ Conference has vowed that the May 9 characters will not be spared, and the planners, instigators and instigators will be brought to justice at all costs.
In election 2024, the armed forces provided a safe environment to the people according to the media, but blame is being spread by some elements which is condemnable.
According to the Public Relations Department of Pakistan Army (ISPR), the 263rd Corps Commanders Conference was held under the chairmanship of Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir.
The participants paid tribute to the great sacrifices of the martyrs including the officers, jawans, law enforcement agencies and civilians who laid down their lives to ensure peace and stability in the country.
The Pakistan Army vowed that the state will deal with full force against all terrorists, their facilitators and those who encourage them, who are working at the behest of hostile forces to destabilize Pakistan.
According to the statement, the corps commanders appreciated the efforts of the civil administration, law enforcement agencies and security forces for providing a safe environment in spite of all the difficulties as per the mandate of the Election Commission of Pakistan in the general elections and expressed that Pakistan The Armed Forces of Pakistan provided a safe environment to the people for holding the General Elections 2024 as per the mandate given and more than that the Pakistan Army had nothing to do with the electoral process.
The forum expressed its concern that certain political elements are defaming the armed forces by making unsubstantiated allegations of interference in social media and some media programs which is highly condemnable.
The Forum emphasized that due process of law should be followed with evidence instead of resorting to unconstitutional and baseless political rhetoric and emotional incitement.
The participants of the Corps Commanders’ Conference expressed satisfaction over the democratic transfer of power to the Center and the provinces and hoped that the post-election environment would bring political and economic stability to Pakistan, leading to peace and prosperity.
According to the determination of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Pakistan Army reiterated that the planners, instigators, instigators and those who desecrated the memorials of the martyrs and attacked the military installations of May 9 will definitely be punished according to the law and the constitution. will be brought to justice under the relevant provisions and malicious attempts to spread distorted, ambiguous and false information in this regard are totally futile which are only part of an organized campaign to serve nefarious political interests, so that May can cover up the heinous activities of
The participants expressed concern over the systematic false and fake news being spread by certain nefarious elements to create despair and division in the society and urged the people to remain positive and united and focus on building and developing the country. And participate wholeheartedly. The participants reiterated that Pakistan Army will continue to defend and serve the nation in every possible way in the journey of sustainable stability, prosperity and security.
The Army Chief urged the field commanders to maintain high standards of professionalism, operational readiness and motivation during operations and to achieve excellence in training formations.
On this occasion, the Army Chief said that the Palestinian people have the full diplomatic, moral and political support of the Pakistani nation and we will continue to support the principled stand of our brothers for a lasting solution to the Palestinian issue.

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