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At the age of 80, Alberto Jorge Gowland Mitre, an unavoidable reference in Argentine journalism, died

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At the age of 80, Alberto Jorge Gowland Mitre, an unavoidable reference in Argentine journalism, died

The journalistic microworld began this week with sad news: they confirmed the death of Alberto Jorge Gowland Miterone of the most prominent members of the board of directors of The nation, belonging to the historic family that founded said newspaper and left an indelible mark on the dawn of local journalism.

On December 17, Alberto Jorge Gowland Miter had turned 80 and celebrated with his family, after a entire life dedicated to the values ​​of the newspaper founded by his great-great-grandfather, Bartolomé Miter.

Esmeralda Miter and a new chapter of the local ‘Succession’

He came to serve as president and vice president of the board of directors and in his last years he also presided over the Association of Newspaper Editors of Buenos Aires (AEDBA), the institution that months ago celebrated its 70th anniversary in the framework of a lunch of which they were part several references with valuable careers due to their strong journalistic vocation.

As the journalist Jorge Rouillon pointed out, Alberto Jorge Gowland Miter He chose a special setting to celebrate his 80th birthday with his family: He did it in La Cumbre, in the province of Córdoba, near whose parents had acquired a ranch called ‘El Martillo’ last century.

Alberto Jorge Gowland Mitre. Photo: Facebook Institute of Family Sciences – Universidad Austral

His grandfather Jorge A. Miter (former director of news from 1912 to 1932) had also chosen this town to build a rest house.

Alberto Jorge Gowland Miter He studied at Cardinal Newman School. and from a young age, before becoming a brilliant lawyer, he developed an intense passion for rugby: first as a player, and later as a fan.

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Attracted by the principles of justice and balanced mediation in human conflicts, he subsequently He undertook studies in Law at the Argentine Catholic University (UCA) and he became vice president of the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires.

The values ​​of Gowland Miter and his prolific career

As an anecdote and clear example of his transparent ideals, in daily The nation They remembered that he resigned his adjunct professorship at the UCA because otherwise he would have to litigate against its owner and great friend, the jurist Jorge Mazzinghi. Finally, Gowland Miter succeeded him as the Chair of Family Law.

At the family level, Alberto Jorge Gowland Miter married María Luisa Malbrán and they had a total of seven children: Alberto, Santiago, Luisa, Paulina, Miguel, Juan and Sofía. Judging by statements from his most intimate circle, For Gowland Miter, the family meant an irreplaceable emotional core. that accompanied him throughout his life.

His prolific work extended throughout his professional career in different areas: also He was an agricultural producer in Salto, he served as leader of Expoagro and participated in initiatives linked to education and social progress.

In turn, Gowland Miter was the representative and director of Papel Prensa, director of the Business Commission of Independent Media (Cemci) and vice president of the company La Voz del Interior.

His contribution inside and outside the journalistic domain provides a beacon in terms of human calling and commitment to truth.

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