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stop production of GTX video cards after twenty years

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stop production of GTX video cards after twenty years

While NVIDIA prepares for the launch of the RTX 50, an era is definitively closing for the Santa Clara giant. According to new rumors, in the last few hours NVIDIA has stopped making GTX GPU chipsputting an end to a lineup of video cards that lasted for 19 years.

According to what has been reported by publications such as VideoCardZ and Tom’s Hardware, in the last few hours NVIDIA would produce the latest Turing chip of its history. Up until today, the Verde Team has in fact continued to create last generation GPUs, using production lines of video cards from the GTX 16 series. Now, however, the latest components have also been distributed to the partners of the Santa Clara giant, who will no longer produce any GTX line graphics chips.

From now on, NVIDIA will focus only on RTX cards, while the GTX line will definitively retire. Only the (latest) solutions created by the AIB of the Green Team will arrive on the market in the next few months, but once these too are sold out, users will inevitably have to turn to the second-hand market. In short, it is about Endgame for GTX line GPUswhich thus reach the end of the line 19 years after their first release.

The latest GTX GPUs are those of the 16 serieswhose production lines will be definitively dismantled”by the end of the first quarter of 2024″, or by March 31st. AIB will continue to produce and sell their own versions custom of these components as long as they have chips in stock, but according to VideoCardZ sources we can expect the complete disappearance of GTX GPUs from store shelves within 1-3 months starting at the end of March.

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Once these video cards are finally gone, popular options like the GTX 1650still considered a valid choice for unpretentious gaming in 1080p, will gradually be replaced by new generation video cards: it is therefore no coincidence that NVIDIA should launch the RTX 3050 6 GB, its next entry level GPU, right during of the next few weeks.

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