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Mayor Eric Adams calls for changes to New York sanctuary city policy

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Mayor Eric Adams calls for changes to New York sanctuary city policy

New York Mayor Eric Adams Calls for Changes to Sanctuary City Policies

In a surprising move, New York Mayor Eric Adams has called for drastic changes to the city’s sanctuary policies, marking a shift in policy that has been in place since the late 1980s. This change could potentially lead to undocumented immigrants accused of a crime being handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in New York.

During a news conference at City Hall, Mayor Adams stated, “I don’t think people who are violent in our city and commit repeated crimes should have the privilege of being in our city. They have no right to be in our city and tarnish the vast majority who are here following the rules.”

The sanctuary city policy, which was first enacted by Mayor Ed Koch in 1989, prohibits agencies and officials from sharing information about immigrants unless it involves a criminal matter or the person authorizes it. Over the years, the policy has evolved, with Mayor Bill de Blasio adding force to the rule in 2014.

Recent high-profile incidents involving immigrants accused of violent crimes, including a shooting in Times Square, have prompted Mayor Adams to reconsider the city’s sanctuary policies. Adams emphasized the need to hold people suspected of committing serious crimes in the city accountable, stating that deportation should be the next step after someone commits a crime.

Advocates of sanctuary city policies argue that these policies ultimately make cities safer for everyone, including immigrant communities who are often vulnerable to crime. However, Mayor Adams believes that modifications to the sanctuary city law are necessary to ensure that those who commit serious crimes can be turned over to ICE and deported.

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While Adams has not outlined concrete changes to the law, he would need the support of the city’s legislature to make any changes unless he resorts to executive action. Despite the mayor’s call for changes, the City Council spokesperson stated that the body did not plan to address any changes at this time.

The debate over sanctuary city policies continues to be a divisive issue, with Republicans using it as a talking point to criticize Democrats. Mayor Adams’ shift in policy highlights the challenges facing Democratic mayors who historically support sanctuary city policies.

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