Home News Meloni, first official release in Milan as premier in pectore: “Concrete meeting with Berlusconi. I am optimistic”

Meloni, first official release in Milan as premier in pectore: “Concrete meeting with Berlusconi. I am optimistic”

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Meloni, first official release in Milan as premier in pectore: “Concrete meeting with Berlusconi.  I am optimistic”

Giorgia Meloni arrives in Milan for the first public outing as premier in almost voiceless pectore. She apologizes for the repeated coughs. She seems tried by the long conversations of these days: in Arcore this morning, where she saw Berlusconi, by the negotiations for the formation of the new government and by the “study of the dossiers”. we will deal with the agricultural sector “. The audience cheers her, amid applause, invocations and yellow flags. Meloni – institutional blue blazer played down by a pair of white sneakers – immediately states: “I chose to limit public outings to dedicate myself body and soul to urgent dossiers to be ready if we are called to govern this nation – he repeats again, adding an almost smile nervous – But I decided to take a break from these days (of press silence) to come here to the Coldiretti Village because it is a sector that is experiencing a very difficult moment, aggravated by the pandemic. On this, we want to give concrete answers but the proposals go work in detail, “he says again.

Berlusconi-Salvini, anti-Meloni axis

Francesco Olivo

He then claims his position on the EU: “Anyone who has read the newspapers today has realized that when we said that in Europe we had to defend our national interests we were not sovereign. Because everyone looks after their own national interests”. However, a veil of embarrassment falls in his gaze when Ettore Prandini, President Coldiretti and one of the eligible candidates for the Ministry of Agriculture, says that the Italian agricultural world “has an enemy in Europe called Timmermans, who behind an element of attention from the environment, a new sustainable economy hides all the most violently speculative areas that lead to the creation of synthetic food “. Applause from the audience, in which she does not participate. Meloni smiles but little conviction even when the landlord speaks of the “Ministry of agri-food sovereignty”. She seems less skeptical when Prandini specifies “if you don’t like the term sovereignty, even an agri-food ministry is fine”.

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Meloni meets Berlusconi: “High profile government”. New executive in three weeks. Bonaccini: “Pnrr should not be changed”


Meloni also explains that he is working on expensive energy: “We are looking for solutions to intervene on the costs of autumn energy consumption. We cannot afford not to. And I can assure you that it is a priority of the future government”. Only here, after almost ten minutes of speech, the probable prime minister of her appoints her party: “You know how attentive Fratelli d’Italia is on this issue. As on the issue of economic and social sustainability”. In the audience nods the undersecretary of agriculture of the Draghi government, the Northern League player Gianmarco Centinaio. But there was no exchange between him and Meloni before her intervention on stage. This seems to feed the suspicion of a certain distance between the two forces of the center-right coalition, especially after yesterday Matteo Salvini saw Silvio Berlusconi alone in Arcore. “I also saw Berlusconi. It was a concrete meeting and we are all working to do our best. I am very optimistic, the dialogue was constructive”, adds Meloni besieged by cameramen and photographers as he walks around the stands and counters. of food scattered along the path to Parco Sempione. At the end of the tour, literally a crowd bath between selfies and people inviting her to their farm, Meloni gets into the car, while a policewoman on duty takes a video from a car

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