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More than a thousand alcohol interlocks installed last year

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Last year, 1,009 alcohol interlocks were installed in Belgium, a number that confirms the increasing trend of recent years. This was evident from figures that Belga requested from the Federal Mobility Public Service on Tuesday. In mid-January, there were 1,422 support programs for people driving with an alcolock.

Since July 2018, judges have been obliged to impose an alcohol interlock on anyone caught driving with more than 1.8 per mille, the figures have been increasing. According to Vias Traffic Institute, 957 locks were installed in 2022, compared to 863 the year before.

Anyone who is caught twice in three years with more than 1.2 per mille will also be given an alcohol interlock. A judge can deviate from those rules, but must then expressly justify why that measure is not imposed. Judges can also impose an alcolock for other alcohol violations in traffic (from 0.8 per mille).

With an alcohol interlock, the driver must blow into the device before the car can start. If the measured alcohol content is above 0.2 per mille, the alcohol lock will prevent the driver from leaving. Vias Traffic Institute is responsible for the organization and administration of the guidance program.

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