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national harmony

Words bring us closer, sweeten us or distance us, they confront us.

What is happening at the national level is frankly surprising. On the one hand, we do not know if the president is speaking if the ruler, the politician, the philosopher, or the historian are speaking. The one who gives the facts and their achievements, or the opinion of many aspects of the social and economic life of the country and its regions or the universe; many times motivated by some contradictor on social networks. It is the sudden government, which social networks help by not taking their time to analyze and give an official response.

The other is the opponent, who, radicalized, says whatever nonsense comes into his head. The last irresponsible push was that of former vice president Francisco Santos who declared on the radio that the president is calling for civil war and that we must organize. He did not take care to respond with a cool head to the call of the arsonists and to the very fact that he had been accused of sponsoring paramilitarism in the center of the country, of the so-called Capital Block of the AUC.

Last Tuesday, February 6, in this editorial space we stated: “Faced with a difficult political moment for the government of President Petro and questions about his performance, we do not want public opinion to be distracted, and instead of developing the tasks of governing and administer – and comply with the National Development Plan, for their own good -, enters into exhausting, hopeless altercations for millions of Colombians who voted overwhelmingly in their favor in the presidential elections.

When the president says that there is an institutional rupture and the opposition says that the president caused it, that is when tempers must be tempered with a cool head, because there is much ado about nothing: there has always been polarization, difficulties and strong opposition, it is common in our history and we must understand it as the democratic game: if they were harsh in republican governments – oligarchic, liberal and conservative, Petro would say – they have been more accentuated when it comes to an experiment in government of a democratic left, as it was co-author of the Constitution Politics of 1991, who deserved the opportunity to govern Colombia, and to do well. The country will then, in the elections, give political continuity or decide the alternation (change of government), within the framework that we have of the government-opposition binomial.”

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We repeat it. Rejecting the disqualification that is cheerfully made of the judges of the Cortes, the vast majority of whom are pristine and serious, unrelated to the mafias, nor to overshadow the trajectory and honesty of the women nominated by the President of the Republic to be Attorney General of the Nation .

Overact, exaggerate with verbal expressions, to attract public attention; simplify and generalize; Insulting and disrespecting can satisfy the personal ego but does not contribute to peace and good public management. We wish that our rulers as well as political opponents were remembered for their words of harmony and respect, and their material achievements, and not for their speeches and announcements in the heat of a large meeting.

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