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National Railways to implement new train map on April 8 – IT & Transport – Railways

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National Railways to implement new train map on April 8 – IT & Transport – Railways

From 0:00 on April 8, the national railway will implement a new train operation map.The new plan comprehensively considers the commissioning of new railway lines and the structural adjustment of passenger and freight trains, accurately allocates transportation resources, and actively serves the stable operation of the national economy and high-level opening to the outside world.


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The first is to optimize the high-speed rail operating routes in the central and eastern regions to enrich travel options for passengers.While making full use of the Hewu and Hening high-speed railways to connect Hubei and major cities in the Yangtze River Delta, we will make use of the connecting line function of the Huanggang-Huangmei high-speed railway to be opened to further revitalize the high-speed railway network in the central and eastern regions, and increase the high-speed railway from Hubei to the Yangtze River Delta region. Routes, enriching travel options for travelers. Through high-speed rail lines such as Wuhan to Huanggang, Huanggang to Huangmei, Anqing to Jiujiang, Nanjing to Anqing, etc., 24 EMU trains are arranged to run from Wuhan, Yichang to Anqing, Chizhou, Tongling, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities. After the map adjustment, the travel time from Wuhan to Anqing, Chizhou, Tongling and other places via the Huanggang-Huangmei high-speed railway has been greatly reduced.

The second is to improve the transportation capacity of thermal coal and actively serve the stable operation of the national economy.Taking advantage of the new capacity of the Xingtai-Heshun County Railway, which is about to be opened and operating, 4 additional freight trains from Heshun County to Xingtai South will be opened, which mainly serve the needs of Shanxi coal east transportation; the train operation structure of Haoji Railway is optimized, and the number of 10,000-ton heavy-duty trains will be increased by 4. To 8 trains, further improve the transportation capacity of the heavy-haul railway from the North Coal to the South; use the normal-speed railway transport capacity released by the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway to add 4 coal trains from the Wa-Ri Railway to the Beijing-Shanghai normal-speed railway; Outbound transportation capacity, using the Dunhuang Line to add 14 freight trains via the Dunhuang Line and Lanqing Line in Xinjiang; according to the needs of the medium and long-term coal transportation contract in 2022, add 54 electric coal direct freight trains across the railway bureau group company to further enhance the electric coal Guaranteed transportation capacity.

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The third is to open more freight trains for international intermodal transportation and sea-rail intermodal transportation to better serve the high-level opening to the outside world.Give full play to the capacity of the China-Laos railway channel and the role of the strategic channel of international trains, add 4 cross-border freight trains from Kunming East to Mohan on the China-Laos Railway, and add 4 and 3 trains of China-Europe trains and new west land-sea corridor trains respectively. Encrypt the running cycle of international trains in some domestic cities, promote international logistics cooperation and trade development, and better serve the stability of international industrial chains and supply chains and high-level opening to the outside world.

The fourth is to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and passenger and cargo transportation, and continue to improve service experience.Combined with the strict requirements of epidemic prevention and control and the people’s needs for convenient travel, “one map a day” accurately arranges transportation capacity, continues to provide online services such as extending the 12306 website ticketing and rebooking service hours, and providing temporary electronic ID certificates for rides. , vigorously promote offline contactless services for passengers entering stations, waiting for trains, transit, ordering meals, etc., and continue to provide warm services for key passengers such as the elderly, young, sick, disabled, and pregnant, as well as those who are disconnected from the Internet; rectify equipment and facilities, and improve services Quality, further open the public welfare “slow train”; consolidate the overall upgrade results of the railway freight e-commerce platform 95306, continuously improve the online whole process of freight business, and further improve the degree of convenience and customer service experience.

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The fifth is to implement active risk avoidance measures during the flood season to ensure the safe operation of passenger trains.To take active risk avoidance measures during the flood season, adjust the 6 passenger trains of K1210/1209 from Xiamen North to Shanghai South, K242/243 from Xiamen North to Xi’an, and K946/947 from Xiamen to Guiyang that originally ran via the Yingtan-Xiamen Railway. It runs on railways from Nanping to Longyan, Hengfeng to Fuzhou, and Beijing to Kowloon to ensure the safety of passenger trains.

The railway department reminds that passengers and cargo owners can inquire about the changes in the operation of passenger and freight trains and related service information after the map adjustment through the railway 12306, 95306 website, client, WeChat and other channels, or pay attention to the dynamic information released by local railway departments and major Announcement of the railway station for reasonable arrangement of itinerary and cargo transportation.

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