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New central hospital to be built in Pinneberg | > – News

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New central hospital to be built in Pinneberg |  > – News

As of: 03/20/2023 6:17 p.m

Pinneberg is apparently awarded the contract for the new central hospital of the regional clinics. According to information from NDR Schleswig-Holstein, the “Ossenpadd” area won the race.

by Hannah Boehme

The process by the regional clinics to find the best location for the new hospital took several months. The only applicants: the two current clinic towns of Elmshorn and Pinneberg. Elmshorn had submitted an area in the immediate vicinity of the current hospital, Pinneberg had entered the race with two areas, one in the north and one in the south of the district town. It should now probably be the 15 hectare area in the north of Pinneberg, the Ossenpadd. This is what Pinneberg district politics say, to which the plans for the regional clinics have already been presented in part.

A comprehensive catalog of criteria was decisive

For the location search, the regional clinics had set up an extensive catalog of criteria with a point system. For example, the availability of the area, the size of the property and the accessibility, or the infrastructural connection, were evaluated. The decision in favor of Pinneberg is also the decision against the Elmshorn location. The city of 53,000 will lose its hospital in the foreseeable future. Elmshorn Mayor Volker Hatje (independent) only wants to comment on the plans when there is an official justification. Similarly, Pinneberg’s mayor Urte Steinberg (independent).

The main committee is scheduled to vote on Wednesday

On Wednesday, the regional clinics in the Pinneberg main committee want to officially inform that the Ossenpadd area has won the race and justify their decision. The main committee should then decide whether Pinneberg’s District Administrator Elfi Heesch will vote yes or no in the shareholders’ meeting. That is not decisive: the district is only around a quarter of the co-shareholders of the regional clinics. The remaining shares belong to the Sana group, which has the last word on the matter.

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It will be a while before the new hospital is built

The fact that the search for a location has now ended is a milestone, according to a spokesman for the regional clinics, who did not want to comment on the exact outcome. But it will be a while before it can actually be built. First, the group has to buy the favored property, only then can the construction preparations begin. The plan: in about ten years, the first patients are to be treated in the new 500 million euro central clinic.

Further information

Pinneberg and Elmshorn both want to remain at the clinic. The cities position themselves for the application. (6/30/2022) more

The Imland Clinic in Rendsburg.  © NDR

The faction leaders have announced that they do not want to prevent the takeover. The sale is just a formality. more

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