Home News New weather alert on Fvg: thunderstorms and heavy rains are coming

New weather alert on Fvg: thunderstorms and heavy rains are coming

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New weather alert on Fvg: thunderstorms and heavy rains are coming

A new yellow weather alert was issued by the Regional Civil Protection from 3pm today, 28 September, to 3pm on Thursday 29 September. The acute phase is expected from 18 to 6 in the morning: scattered rains are expected in this time interval, more likely on Venezia Giulia. On the coast there will be likely thunderstorms, some of which may also be strong with intense and persistent rains. A moderate southerly wind will blow on the coast.

The rain could lead to local crisis situations in the minor hydrographic network and urban drainage, local phenomena of instability of the slopes, local interruptions of the roads and problems connected to possible gusts of wind during thunderstorms. In the afternoon the wind will come from the south or south-west from moderate to strong and high water will be possible.

Maximum surveillance of the territory is recommended for the Civil Protection system, in particular in the areas in conjunction with any outdoor events, in order to prepare prompt emergency measures.

According to Osmer forecasts, the next few days will be characterized by unstable weather:

On Thursday in Friuli Venezia Giulia the sky will be mostly overcast on the mountain area, cloudy on the plains and variable on the coast. During the day, scattered and intermittent showers are expected, especially on the eastern belt. From afternoon-evening general worsening with intense rains, including thunderstorms, especially on the plains and coast. On the coast from the afternoon moderate to strong winds will blow from the south and storms and high water are not excluded.


On Friday, mostly variable skies are expected on the plains and coast, cloudy in the mountains and there will be more cloudiness on the eastern belt. During the day, generally abundant rains with possible scattered and intermittent showers.

On Saturday the weather is improving.

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