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[News Highlights]Stolen nuclear expansion?No one in the West celebrates the CCP’s birthday | July 1st in Hong Kong | Xi Jinping | Taiwan

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[Epoch Times July 02, 2021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is July 1 (Thursday) Eastern Time, and July 2 (Friday) Asia Time.

Today’s focus: Hong Kong volunteers assassinated, the mainland has a vision; the West has no congratulations, thousands of dollars to buy people to sing; “Breaking blood” warns the United States, Xi insists on liberating Taiwan? The CCP secretly expands nuclear weapons, will the arms race escalate? The United States and Japan have prepared to resist the Communist Party, and Taiwan has unfulfilled tasks; “True China” painting exhibition.

On July 1, former US Secretary of State Pompeo tweeted that the century of the CCP’s founding of the party was a century full of slaughter and genocide. No political party kills more people than the Chinese Communist Party.

The Malaysian government signed a US$2.6 billion contract with Swedish Ericsson on June 30 to build a 5G telecommunications network. This has changed the strategy of “not worrying about Huawei’s national security threats” and “using Huawei’s technology as much as possible” advocated by former Prime Minister Mahathir.

North Korean state media reported that Kim Jong-un convened a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Labor Party on the 29th to reprimand some high-level officials for failing to implement long-term epidemic prevention measures and neglecting their duties.

The European Union announced the use of digital vaccine certification on July 1, and all member states are on the road except for the delayed launch in Ireland. Although this is not a travel requirement, the holder of the certificate can be exempted from isolation. However, the European Union does not recognize vaccines produced in China.

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan Motor announced on July 1 that it will build the UK’s first car battery “super factory” plan, which will create 6,200 job opportunities.

As of 2 p.m. Eastern time on July 1, the number of newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, new crown virus) worldwide was 387,663, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 183,157,747, and the total number of deaths was 3,965,570. people.

Now enter today’s topic. 7.1 The CCP held a celebration, but two major events occurred, and there were all kinds of ominous signs, showing that heaven and man will destroy the communists. Xi Jinping’s tough talk on the Taiwan issue turned out to be behind the scenes. The CCP is expanding more than 100 missile silos. The CCP’s nuclear expansion is likely to trigger a new round of arms race. In fact, the United States and Japan have long been making military preparations against the CCP.

July 1st Hong Kong righteous men assassinated the police with a vision in the mainland

On July 1, the CCP organized 70,000 people for a party celebration in Tiananmen Square. For the excitement of this meeting, the CCP also worked hard. But if so many people gather together without wearing a mask, if there are a few asymptomatic infections among them, and a few with a long incubation period, will it cause a large-scale epidemic?

The CCP does not care about this, it is also a personal matter to cause the epidemic. Anyway, as long as you add some atmosphere to the party celebration and add energy to the party, you will do whatever it takes. However, Li Shutong once said, “The splendor must be reduced to plain”. The fireworks are pretty good-looking, and it’s over after a stab. I’m not cursing the CCP to die early, it’s the fact.

Today (1st) I received the news from two netizens that the video content is amazing. Let’s look at a Hong Kong one first.

On the evening of the 1st local time, outside Sogo Department Store in Causeway Bay, a righteous man in black quietly walked behind a Hong Kong policeman. Then he took out something and slammed it at the police. Then the injured policeman fled. The netizen broke the news and only wrote one sentence, “Hong Kong volunteers annihilated the Hong Kong public security.”

Later, we got news that the man stabbed a policeman with a knife, and soon the policeman was injured and fell to the ground. But the righteous man then stabbed himself with a knife and eventually died.

Obviously, this righteous man had made a decision before he dared to assassinate. The life of the righteous man is another bloody debt owed by the CCP and Hong Kong. The CCP will repay it twice in the future.

I have said long ago that Lao Tzu warned 2000 years ago: The people are not afraid of death, but how can they be afraid of death. I think this incident must shock the CCP and the Hong Kong Communist Party. This incident occurred on the day of 7.1, and it also indicated the destiny of the Chinese Communist Party.

Let’s look at the scene of the CCP being destroyed by the sky. In the early hours of this morning, a video sent by a netizen showed a sandstorm surging from behind a police station. In a short period of time, the sandstorm obscured the sky and engulfed the two-story building of the police station.

7.1 There was such a severe sandstorm that day, it is hard not to be connected with the CCP’s evildoing. Maybe some people think it’s accidental, no fuss.

I still said that, if you have to say it is “accidental”, there must be an inevitable factor behind it. The CCP’s perverse actions have already come to an end, and Mao Xinyu predicted 10 years ago that the CCP can only live for 100 years.

You probably have heard of Mao Xinyu, Mao Zedong’s son. Oh, that’s wrong, the official CCP statement is Mao Zedong’s grandson. Mao Xinyu “wishes the Communist Party of China a happy birthday and a long life” 10 years ago. Now that the CCP is “a hundred years old”, what about the rest?

No one in the West congratulates the CCP for hiring someone to sing

There are too many ominous signs for the CCP’s celebration of July 1st. When Xi Jinping in a gray tunic suit appeared on the TV screen, I was shocked. Because my eyes were not so good, I thought it was Mao Zedong who crawled out of the crystal coffin. Isn’t this haunted anymore? Later, I took a closer look and found that it was not.

I don’t understand why the clothes are the same as Mao Zedong? Just to shape the image of “Xi Zedong”? Don’t know the specific reason. But I always feel that this kind of costume appears on party celebrations, which is a bit unlucky for the CCP and for Xi himself.

People all know what the CCP is, and they all know that Mao Zedong is a murderous demon, and smart people hide far away.

Everyone knows that the CCP celebrates its centenary party, and it stands to reason that many countries and leaders will take the initiative to send courtesy congratulations. But there are no Western countries to take care of it. They are all African brothers who have spent money to buy. This embarrassed the CCP, so the CCP asked people to send congratulatory messages.

For example, Toshihiro Nikai, secretary general of the Japanese ruling Liberal Democratic Party, sent a congratulatory message in his own name. However, “Sankei Shimbun” quoted a message from the Liberal Democratic Party, “This is a congratulatory message sent at the request of China and considering diplomatic etiquette.” Japan’s largest opposition party, the Cadet, also sent a congratulatory message. However, the Sankei Shimbun reported that it was also a congratulatory message sent after receiving a request from the CCP.

The face was so slapped that the CCP lost all its shame to grandma’s house.

In addition, the CCP mobilized all localities and ethnic groups to “sing a folk song for the party.” At first, people thought it was really cheering for the CCP. As a result, an anonymous person in Hubei Province revealed the facts to Free Asia and hired someone to go.

The anonymous person said, “We have a neighbourhood who also went to sing. He said that I would sing whoever paid the money, and he would sing that song after he paid 1,000 yuan.” “1,000 yuan is a lot, so others just sang it. It’s so hot, that’s where the money was sent.”

Alas, we squandered the hard-earned money of the common people and hired people to wipe their fans. I don’t know how to say it anymore, I just remembered what the common people said, the CCP is really “always shameless”.

Beijing wants “national rejuvenation”?Scholar: Cult Belief

This kind of occasion, of course, is indispensable for Xi Jinping’s speech, but the whole article is nothing new. Basically, it is fried overnight. But anyone who is familiar with history knows that his speech is actually a lie that ignores the facts.

Xi Jinping began to say that the CCP “built a moderately prosperous society in all respects” and solved the poverty problem. It claims that everything the CCP has done “is one theme: realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

In fact, just this sentence has already seen the hypocrisy of the speech. Anyone familiar with the history of the CCP will remember that the CCP is the most murderous demon in the world. The suppression of counter-revolutionaries killed 100,000 to 700,000 people, and the Yan’an rectification campaign killed 10,000.

The CCP’s subsequent land reform campaign killed 4.5 million, suppressed the anti-rebellion killing 2 to 5 million; the anti-rightist killed 3.17 million, and suppressed Tibet killed 1.2 million. The Great Leap Forward starved to death about 40 million. The Cultural Revolution killed 20 million people. More than 10,000 people were killed in the June 4th Massacre, and 400 million people were killed by family planning. The CCP virus this time has caused more than three million deaths.

Judging from Xi Jinping’s age, he has experienced all these things. Has President Xi forgotten? In fact, there are two types of forgetting, one is natural forgetting, and the other is pretending to forget. Which one is Xi always? If it is naturally forgotten at an older age, this is understandable. If it is pretending to forget, or deliberately forgetting for personal gain, it is actually forgetting one’s origin, and it can even be said to be evil.

Former CCP diplomat Mr. Han Lianchao pointed out that the 100-year history of the CCP is a bloody history of murder. The CCP’s theory is “pretended to be truth, and it is absolutely beyond doubt. This monopoly of thought is the most distinctive feature of a cult.” The CCP’s preaching is “a cult belief at best”!

Warns of “breaking blood” Xi insists on unifying Taiwan

Xi Jinping’s speech also had “hard words”. Said that he would never accept the preaching of “teacher master” and would not allow bullying by outside forces. He claimed that “anyone who deliberately wants to do this will surely face a bloodshed in front of the Great Wall of Steel built by the flesh and blood of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people.”

This statement is quite bloody, even more “wolves” than the “wolves” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Chinese Communist Party. The Beijing authorities may say this to show that they “will not show weakness.”

However, it actually revealed the evil of the CCP and did not take the lives of Chinese people seriously. In the event of a war, the CCP will use 1.4 billion ordinary people as a “meat shield.” Using the flesh and blood of the Chinese people to resist foreign aggression, it shrank behind.

The toughness of Xi’s speech is also reflected in the Taiwan issue. He said that “solving the Taiwan issue” is the “unswerving historical task” of the CCP. Claiming that “no one should underestimate the Chinese people’s determination, determination, and strong ability to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

In fact, I think that the use of “Chinese people” here is a secret exchange of the concept. Only the CCP is the only one who insists on unifying Taiwan. The Chinese people all hope to have a stable life and live and work in peace and contentment. This is true for the mainland people, and even more so for the people in Taiwan. It is the CCP who tossed all day long, never stopped, and would never stop without tossing itself to death.

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council immediately stated that the Beijing authorities must “face up to the reality of the two sides of the strait.” Taiwan’s and the CCP’s autocratic regimes “have great institutional differences. The 23 million Taiwanese people have long rejected the CCP’s one-sided’One China Principle’ and the ’92 Consensus’.”

The Mainland Affairs Council spokesperson Qiu Chuizheng pointed out that the CCP suppresses people’s democracy and violates human rights and freedom. Nowadays, under the pretext of national rejuvenation, it is more autocratic and autocratic internally, and even the “state advances and the people retreat”; external attempts to interfere with the international order, showing its ambition to become regional and global hegemony, have serious consequences for regional security and global democratic freedom Threat.

Taiwan’s response was quite strong, which is tantamount to puncturing soap bubbles with a steel needle. It’s already dawn, the sun is three rods, it’s time to wake up, too much dreaming hurts the body.

Where did the “historical mission” come from? If there is really a “historical mission”, I think the Republic of China does have it. Large tracts of land have been occupied by gangsters for too long. The Republic of China has not regained its lost ground. This historical task has always been there.

Taiwan will detonate the US-China conflict?The CCP is expanding its nuclear weapons

Xi Jinping’s “hard talk” about Taiwan used the term “anyone” in it. Obviously, this is not only for Taiwan, but also for countries other than Taiwan, especially the United States.

In recent years, the relationship between the United States and Taiwan has gotten closer and closer, and the CCP is quite upset about this. The CCP has repeatedly talked about “armed reunification” and does not promise to give up the use of force. The CCP is ready to move but not daring to move, just because it has scruples about the United States, but the CCP has never given up on it.

CNBC cited Cosgan, a former senior diplomat in Singapore, as saying that “Taiwan is the most dangerous flashpoint in US-China relations.” He said that although a full-scale conflict is unlikely to occur, the Chinese military planes continue to fly over Taiwan’s airspace and “accidents are always possible.”

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd believes that if Xi Jinping is re-elected next year, he may take action to “reach a reunification.” He predicts that when we enter 2030, it may be the time for the Chinese Communist Party to act.

Yesterday (June 30), the “Washington Post” reported an astonishing news that the CCP was building more than 100 silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles in the desert area near Yumen, Gansu.

Researchers at the James Martin Nonproliferation Research Center in California obtained a commercial satellite image, which shows that there are dozens of places under construction in an arid zone of 1,810 square kilometers near Yumen, Gansu, 2,092 kilometers away from Beijing. The 119 almost identical construction sites look similar to the CCP’s first nuclear warhead ballistic missile launch facility.

If these more than one hundred missile silos are completed, it will represent a historic change in the CCP’s nuclear arsenal. The number of nuclear weapons owned by the CCP is currently estimated by the Union of American Scientists to be 320.

Jeffrey Lewis, director of the James Martin East Asia Non-Proliferation Project, believes that this large-scale construction shows that this is a major effort made by the CCP to strengthen the credibility of nuclear deterrence.

Lewis analyzed that these silos may be designed for the Dongfeng-41 intercontinental ballistic missile. This missile can carry multiple nuclear warheads, can hit 15,000 kilometers, and can hit targets in the United States.

Will the arms race escalate?The U.S. and Japan are prepared to fight against communism early

The whole world yearns for peace, but the evil CCP is secretly expanding its nuclear weapons. This big move has already posed a serious threat to the entire world.

It’s not difficult to understand why Beijing is so hard on the Taiwan issue? It may be that the CCP is expanding its nuclear arsenal and can compete with the United States. It seems that it has such a bit of confidence. “If you don’t let me achieve my goal and force prevent me from reunifying Taiwan, I will launch nuclear missiles and die with you.”

In fact, the United States has always wanted to draw Beijing into arms control negotiations with Russia, but Beijing has always refused to join. Not only is it not participating in arms control negotiations, it is also secretly expanding its nuclear arsenal.

I can’t find a more suitable word. I can only use “evil” to describe it, but I feel that the word is a bit unsatisfactory. This situation is likely to trigger a new arms race. Because of the CCP’s major moves, it is likely that US officials will increase the pressure.

In fact, for now, the US nuclear weapons far surpass the CCP. The United States has approximately 3,800 nuclear warheads in active service and possesses a “three-in-one” nuclear strike capability. There are submarines and aircraft that can carry out nuclear strikes, as well as land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles.

But the CCP refuses to control its armaments and is still expanding its nuclear weapons. Only by accelerating the modernization of the U.S. arsenal can the United States deter and suppress the CCP. Lewis believes that the United States will definitely invest a lot of money to continue to strengthen its missile defense drive.

The Washington Post pointed out that the Pentagon has announced a new plan to extensively upgrade the US nuclear weapons and delivery systems in the next 20 years. Including a new type of air-launched cruise missile and at least two new types of nuclear warheads.

There is a saying in China, “The magic is one foot high, and the road is one foot high”. In fact, the United States and Japan have always had military preparations for the threat from the CCP.

The Financial Times yesterday (June 30) quoted six anonymous individuals as an exclusive report that because of the CCP’s threats to Taiwan and the Diaoyu Islands, Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decided in 2019 to substantially expand its military plans.

From the last year of Trump’s (Trump) administration, he began to simulate possible conflicts, including holding top-secret tabletop military exercises and joint exercises in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. This work continues to operate after Biden took office and Suga Yoshihide took over as Japanese Prime Minister.

An anonymous source revealed that the US military and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces conducted substantive joint exercises in the South China Sea under the name of “disaster relief training”, and the two countries also conducted more military exercises near the Diaoyu Islands. These are all preparations for the outbreak of conflict in the Taiwan Strait, which is only 350 kilometers away from the Diaoyu Islands.

The Financial Times also mentioned that US and Japanese diplomats are reviewing legal issues regarding any joint military operations. Including what kind of logistical support Japan can provide to the US military in the event of conflict between the United States and the CCP.

“True China” Painting Exhibition

Next, I will continue to show you the works of the “True China” call for paintings. First, I will show you “Chinese Bathing” by Mr. Tan, an Australian Chinese artist.

On the screen is a very large “dragon bowl”. Many people bathe naked in the bowl, and there are people outside who are trying to crawl into the dragon bowl.

This painting is an oil painting created by Mr. Tan in 2010. This work is one of the “Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea” series created by Mr. Tan at that time. It is the expression and metaphor of the tragic real social life and experience of China.

Mr. Tan introduced in the text that in the traditional Chinese landscape, there is a huge dragon bowl. Countless red, twisted and naked people, among them, do their best to plunder wealth and power.

“Chinese Bath”. (Provided by viewers of news highlights)

Although this painting was created 10 years ago, I think it also reflects the current mainland China, and is more like a portrayal of the officialdom of the Chinese Communist Party. For power, status, money, and beauty, CCP officials do everything they can to fight for power, status, money, and beauty. Shengdan is clean and ugly, all ugly, chaotic, and unworthy of being a human being.

Ten years ago, people wanted to grab power and wealth, but under the daily control of the CCP, it no longer allowed ordinary people to get these. No matter how hard ordinary people work hard, they will never change the fate of leeks. It is precisely because of this that we have seen young people “lie flat” in society.

The second painting I brought to you is called “The Ignorance is Fearless”, and the author is Li Ming, an overseas Chinese. The picture shows a group of pink people cheering on a leaf of “dominance of the world” on the rough water.

These pink people, shown in the enlarged picture, have the CCP’s sickle and axe logo on their foreheads. Obviously, this may be the group of people called “little pink”, these people are raising their arms and shouting.

As everyone knows, when they blindly followed the CCP’s yelling, there were already stormy seas outside. Any wave can swallow this leaf and this group of ignorant and fearless people.

“The ignorant is fearless.” (Provided by viewers of news highlights)

This painting is easily reminiscent of the CCP’s isolation in the world. The CCP’s penetration and expansion into the world has already made Western countries quite frightened, and they feel that their national security is seriously threatened by the CCP. So the entire Western countries are joining forces to contain and attack the CCP.

However, the CCP still uses foolish methods to agitate the little pink “patriotism” and “national sentiment” in the country. It is constantly being deceived by lies instilled by the CCP, followed by blind booing and even making “wolf war” remarks.

Mr. Li Ming named this painting “The ignorant is fearless”. In my opinion, it is actually a ridicule and a warning at the same time. Because people should live in awe in this world. When a person has no sense of awe, he may dare to say anything and do everything. And such a person is very dangerous, because there is a saying that “man cannot rule by nature”.

Thank you two friends for bringing us such wonderful paintings, allowing us to think and understand from different angles. I believe it will also help many friends to understand the nature of the CCP.

I hope everyone will join us in this event and spread this news as much as possible and help us spread it widely on social media. The significance of this event is very great. It is like a sharp sword to the disintegration of the CCP.

To tell you something, I received feedback from two friends a few days ago. A friend saw our painting work and thought it was very good, and then set this painting as his social media profile picture. But this friend reported that no matter how he did it, he couldn’t succeed, and it was cancelled as soon as it was posted. This happened several times in a row.

Then this netizen understood that our painting works had a great influence, and the CCP had noticed it, and it might have blocked all of our painting works.

What is this indicating? I think it is these works that have hit the CCP’s deadly hole, and it feels painful.

Let me talk about another thing. You still remember that I once sang a song with a few friends, which is “We” created by Mr. Nobita and Guo Jingxiong. I put this song at the end of the June 20th show.

After a netizen listened to this song, he liked it very much, so he put it in his QQ space. The same is true, it was deleted as soon as it was uploaded, and even the other original things were deleted.

How about it, the CCP is just afraid. It is our topic, especially everyone’s paintings, that have hit the CCP’s cul-de-sac and its weakness. Think about it, everyone. The inspiration from the paintings is very direct. After people see it, they may be inspired and understand the truth of some things. If people understand the truth, can the CCP still exist?

So I said that our event is very meaningful, and I really hope everyone will contribute. As long as everyone continues to contribute, our section will continue.

Please send your work to our e-mail address [email protected] I will show it in the program and upload it to YouLoke website. If you want to see the previous works, you can go to the Youleke website to watch and give a thumbs up to the works you like.

In addition, when you contribute, please introduce the content of the painting, which can help us better understand the meaning of the work. If it is a second creation based on someone else’s work, please also explain the original creation.

I have a relative. At the stage when the CCP deceived people to “advise the party”, a CCP official coaxed him and asked him to give some advice to the party, saying it was for the good of the party. But my relative knows the CCP very well. No matter how the CCP official deceives him, he just doesn’t speak.

As a result, after a few days, the CCP changed its face. My relative escaped persecution because of his prudent words and deeds. But not everyone is like him. There are people who really give opinions to the party, but they have all been rectified later.

In today’s Hong Dynasty, I will bring you a story of 20 years of justice for my father. Everyone is welcome to learn more in the member area of ​​YouLok. The URL of our membership website is http://muyangshow.com, and there is also http://youlucky.biz.

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