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[News Highlights]US Aircraft Carrier Group Enters the South China Sea and Beijing “Soft Processing” | US Ship Enters Nansha Again | Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier | North Korean Army Infected

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[EpochTimesSeptember92021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is September 8th (Wednesday) Eastern Time, and September 9th (Thursday) Asia Time.

Today’s focus: the US ship rushes to Nansha again, Beijing softly deals with it; Hai’an law is challenged, and the CCP injures itself; Carl Vinson’s first entry into the South China Sea for two consecutive days of flight training; is the artist’s duty to love the party? Will work with a certificate? Zou Xingtong was arrested again, and his fiance was used to separation; the North Korean army was infected with a large number of epidemics, and Kim Jong-un was furious?

60 seconds news

The Cyberspace Administration of the Communist Party of China announced on the 8th that it has so far dealt with 2,929 illegal accounts, of which 1,793 have been banned, including 3 accounts with millions of fans. This is the first action taken by the CCP after it stated that it would rectify the “black mouths” in the financial market that sang bad news and empty markets.

On the 8th, the British Prime Minister’s residence was shocked by a bomb threat. Police on patrol found suspicious objects on the road nearby and immediately blocked the surrounding roads and dispatched a bomb disposal team. It was just a false alarm. It didn’t take long for the police to declare that the item was “not suspicious”, and then the cordon was removed.

Agence France-Presse reported on the 8th that Yemeni military sources said that 78 combatants were killed in an exchange of fire between Yemeni government forces and Houthis in Malibu province, Yemen. The United Nations warned that the humanitarian relief situation in Malibu, Yemen is in critical condition.

As of the 8th, the death toll caused by Hurricane Ida has climbed to 68. More than 400,000 households in Louisiana, the hardest hit area, still have water and electricity cuts. At the same time, the National Weather Service issued a warning on the 7th that Hurricane Larry may hit the eastern United States from the evening of the 8th to the 9th, which will bring heavy rainfall and coastal flooding.

Later on the 7th, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Acapulco, a resort in southwestern Mexico, and at least one person has been killed. According to data from the US Geological Survey, the focal depth is only 12.6 kilometers, and the capital, Mexico City, shakes violently. Local people fled to the outdoors to take refuge. Many people heard loud explosions before and after the earthquake. Then there was a power outage in some buildings in the city, and there was a spectacle of “earthquake light” in the sky.

As of 1 p.m. Eastern time on September 8th, 582,108 newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) globally, the total number of confirmed cases reached 222,711,090; 9,156 deaths in a single day, The cumulative total number of deaths is 4,598,346.

Let’s enter today’s topic. The bomb planted by the CCP exploded, but it was not others, but the CCP itself. The US warship entered the waters of Mischief Reef to “freely sail” and directly challenged the CCP’s Maritime Traffic Safety Law. However, the CCP can only “softly handle” because the South China Sea has the US military’s super-powerful aircraft carrier strike group in training.

The CCP’s rectification of artists is still continuing. In addition to requiring artists to love the party, the CCP may also require artists to be certified. Will the model dramas of the Cultural Revolution take place on a large scale?

Hong Kong lawyer Zou Xingtong and three other stake members were arrested. Regarding Zou Xingtong’s arrest, his fiance said something sad: he is used to separation.

U.S. ship reenters Nansha, CCP calls surveillance “removed”

Today (8th), the WeChat official account of the Southern Theater of the Communist Party of China issued a message, quoting Tian Junli, spokesperson of the Southern Theater of Theater, as saying that the USS Benford, which “intruded illegally” into the waters of the Mischief Reef, was tracked and monitored on the same day and warned. Drive away.

Tian Junli stated that the USS Benford guided missile destroyer “unlawfully broke into the waters adjacent to Nansha Mischief Reef without the approval of the Chinese (CCP) government”. The southern theater of the Communist Party of China organized naval and air forces to track and monitor them and warned them to leave.

According to the news, the US has “seriously violated” China‘s (CCP) sovereignty and security, which is another ironclad evidence of navigational hegemony and the militarization of the South China Sea. It proves that the United States is the out-and-out “South China Sea security risk maker” and the “biggest destroyer” of peace and stability in the South China Sea. The CCP claimed that “the theater troops are always on high alert and resolutely defend the sovereignty and security of the country and the peace and stability of the South China Sea.”

Satellite images show that at 7:46 this morning, the Benford was sailing in the waters northwest of Mischief Reef. According to the “South China Sea Strategic Situational Awareness” with a CCP background, this is the fifth time the US military has broken into the South China Sea and reefs this year, and the third time it has broken into 12 nautical miles of the Nansha Islands and reefs this year. The other two were in Xisha.

After the announcement of the CCP’s southern theater, the US Seventh Fleet issued a press release. It means that the Benford is claiming the right and freedom of navigation in the Spratly Islands in accordance with international law. Meschief Reef is a “low-tide highland in a natural state”. According to international law, it has no right to own territorial waters.

The Meschief Reef referred to by the US military is actually the Mischief Reef referred to by the Chinese side, but the names of the two sides are different. Mischief Reef is a coral atoll in the Spratly Islands. China, the Philippines and Vietnam all claim sovereignty over this island.

Since 2015, the CCP has carried out land reclamation projects on Mischief Reef. At present, there is a 2,700-meter airstrip on the island, which can park and land large passenger planes. In addition, the CCP is building a wharf project that allows ships and cruise ships to berth. The reclaimed Mischief Reef has a surface area of ​​5.52 square kilometers, making it the largest island in the South China Sea.

The U.S. military stated that it does not recognize China‘s unilateral statement on the 12-nautical-mile territorial waters, and that “freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea are part of the daily operations of the U.S. military in the entire region.” The reclamation of land and the construction of facilities on the Meschiff Reef will not change the application of this rule. Therefore, it is a “normal operation” for the United States to sail within 12 nautical miles of the Meschef Reef.

Hai’anfa is challenged by the Chinese Communist Party

On the 1st of this month, the CCP’s Maritime Traffic Safety Law has officially entered into force. Requests for foreign ships to enter the “Chinese territorial waters” should report to the Maritime Safety Administration. If you do not report, the CCP will deal with it in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules.

At that time, I analyzed that this new law of the CCP is mainly aimed at the United States and is a bomb planted for international disputes. When the U.S. ships arrive, the CCP will deal with it both softly and hardly.

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“Soft processing” means that the United States and China have their own words. The CCP accused the U.S. ship of breaking into “territorial waters”, diplomatic “protests” and “stern representations” and so on. But the U.S. military said it “freedom of navigation” on the high seas. “Hard Handling” The CCP sent coast guard ships and even warships to force them away. However, there may be situations such as wiping the gun and misfire, and it may even lead to conflicts.

Now the U.S. destroyer has entered the waters of Mischief Reef to “freely sail” and directly challenge this new law of the CCP. But whether the CCP “handles it in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and rules”?

Obviously, the Benford did not release a report to the CCP because the US believed that it was a daily operation in the entire South China Sea, a “normal operation” and “freedom of navigation.”

The CCP claimed that it organized naval and air forces to “track and monitor” the Benford. I think this is a possibility. But whether the Benford was “warned away”, perhaps the Chinese side gave a warning, but whether the U.S. military listened to it, this is debatable.

We are not there, we don’t know exactly. But judging from the Chinese side, it is clear that “soft processing” was adopted, verbally pretending to be hard, and diplomatic “protesting”, but in fact it was rather persuasive and did not fire a single shot.

There is an interesting thing. At about 2 am Eastern time, CCP officials responded to the news that the Benford broke into the waters of Mischief Reef, and was quickly pushed into the hot search. But most of the comments below are mocking the CCP. At around 6:30 in the morning, I couldn’t find this post no matter how to find it.

Under the “Global Times” Weibo, a netizen said, “Uncle Hai, please, give it a shot! Just make a sound.” But some netizens said, “Forbearance, just take everything. It didn’t happen.” Some netizens ridiculed, “Whoever dares to challenge my bottom line, I will draw another one.”

What’s more interesting is that a netizen imitated the tone of a Beijinger and wrote such a sentence, “Yo, Lord, you are here! Slow down, everything is peaceful here, you can go back after a round of wandering. Lord, you are gone. Come again next time!”

From the reactions of netizens, it can be seen that the bomb planted by the CCP did not hit the other party, but wounded itself. As I said before, the CCP does not dare to “hard-handle” because it is worried that it will cause more trouble and eventually cause the CCP to collapse.

The CCP does not dare to “hard-handle”. In fact, there is an important factor behind it, that is, a very powerful aircraft carrier strike group of the US military is training in the South China Sea. The CCP is worried that hard handling of the Benford may cause more trouble.

U.S. aircraft carrier enters the South China Sea for 2 days of flight training

There is one more thing that also deserves attention. The “South China Sea Strategic Situational Awareness” message also stated that the USS Carl Vinson passed through the Bashi Channel on September 5 and also entered South China Sea activities. This is the first time the Carl Vinson has entered the South China Sea this year.

This has also been confirmed by the US Pacific Fleet. The Pacific Fleet announced on Facebook that the Carl Vinson has entered the South China Sea and conducted flight training for carrier-based aircraft on the 5th and 6th for two consecutive days.

The USS Carl Vinson is the first aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy to deploy F-35C carrier-based fighter jets and CMV-22B Osprey carrier transport aircraft. This is the first time that a U.S. aircraft carrier has deployed a fifth-generation aircraft in the Indo-Pacific region. It is believed that this deployment of the Carl Vinson represents the US Navy’s main carrier strike group model for the next 10 years.

According to the photos released by the US military, the MH-60R Seahawk helicopter of the 78th Helicopter Sea Strike Squadron took off from the aircraft carrier. The US military also dispatched F/A-18E/F carrier-based aircraft, which also took off and landed in the South China Sea. train.

In addition, “South China Sea Strategic Situational Awareness” stated in a Weibo yesterday (7th) that after the Carl Vinson entered the South China Sea, the US military has greatly increased the intensity of aerial reconnaissance. Yesterday, one E-8C air-to-ground surveillance plane, one RC-135W electronic reconnaissance plane, one MQ-4C unmanned reconnaissance plane, and two P-8A anti-submarine patrol planes were sent to the South China Sea for high-intensity reconnaissance.

The analysis of the types of reconnaissance aircraft sent by the US military covers almost all aspects of missions. MQ-4C and P-8A are mainly responsible for maritime patrol and anti-submarine, RC-135W monitors electronic signals of radar and communication equipment, and E-8C mainly monitors ground targets and guarantees battlefield management.

According to a report by the military news website “National Defense Visual Information Publishing Service Unit”, in addition to carrying 5th-generation fighters, the Carl Vinson’s strike group is also quite strong, making it the strongest escort force in the past 10 years.

The escort ships include 1 Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruise ship Champlain, and 6 Burke-class guided-missile destroyers, namely Higgins, O’Kane, Chaffee, Dewey, and Stoke The Dyer and Michael Murphy.

The report specifically pointed out that the Carl Vinson strike group was deployed to the Seventh Fleet combat zone for the purpose of supporting the free and open Indo-Pacific region. In fact, to put it bluntly, I believe everyone is aware that the Carl Vinson came to the South China Sea for the CCP and to counter the CCP.

We once said that if the CCP did nothing and waited for death quietly, it might be better. As long as it moves, as long as it toss, it will burst out its ugliness. But now it is the heavens that destroy the CCP, it must cooperate with the will of heaven to toss and toss, both internally and externally.

It is the duty of an artist to love the party? The model play will reappear?

Everyone has seen that many artists have been rectified by the CCP. From Zhao Wei, Zheng Shuang to Huo Zun, Wu Yifan, etc., there has been a wave of cleaning up artists in mainland China. Now the CCP has put forward a requirement that literary and artistic practitioners “take love for the party and the country as their duty and duty.”

The Chinese Communist Party’s official media “Liberation Daily” reported today (8th) that Nie Chenxi, deputy minister of the Central Propaganda Department and director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, said at yesterday’s symposium for literary and art workers that it is necessary to study Xi Jinping’s important expositions in depth and “always love the party. Patriotism is a duty, a duty, a place of heart, a place of affection, and the first requirement of art.”

From what Nie Chenxi said, it is obvious that on top of the ten “restricted meals” issued by the CCP’s Cyberspace Administration of China not long ago, further requirements have been placed on artists. “Love for the party and the country” has become the primary issue.

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In fact, we have said many times about the term “love the party and the country”. This is because the CCP is deliberately confusing the concept. It connects “loving the party” and “patriotic”, making people mistakenly think that “loving the party” means “patriotic”, and not “loving the party” means not “patriotic”.

In fact, the Communist Party of China is not equal to China. China has a history of thousands of years. The Chinese claim to be descendants of Yan and Huang. The CCP has only been established for 100 years, and it is an imported product from the West. Its ancestor is Marx.

In addition, the CCP has only been usurped and ruled China for a few decades, and before it is the Republic of China. And now the Republic of China in Taiwan has a history of 110 years. When the CCP disintegrates and perishes one day, China is still in this world. That is to say, China shares this way of confusing concepts, making people mistakenly think that “love the party” is “patriotism.”

In fact, this is relatively simple. Just think a little bit and you can know this fact. However, after years of brainwashing by the CCP, there are indeed some people who cannot distinguish the relationship between “CCP” and “China.”

Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that some people who have been seriously brainwashed by the CCP may create some “red” performances. For example, the “model dramas” during the Cultural Revolution might be on the stage again on a large scale.

As you all know, today (the 9th) is the day when Mao Zedong died, and the CCP official media did not move much. However, those Maofen and Maofen websites continue to publish articles and even organize various activities to commemorate the “catastrophe” who almost tossed the Chinese to death.

In other words, there will definitely be such people who will take advantage of the situation and make some “red” things. Such people are not uncommon in mainland China.

Artists who cannot distinguish between “CCP” and “China” may rush to perform red repertoires. Show loyalty to the party in this way, and protect yourself while catering to the CCP. There may even be a situation in which an artist holds up a little red book and shouts “Long live” at some point. This is because the CCP may have to implement “licensed employment” on artists.

Artists will be certified to work?CCP tightens control

Today (8th), the “Legal Daily” published a comment that stated that the performance and artistic level of actors are difficult to quantify and may require scientific design and long-term exploration. A certificate-holding system is also implemented for performers, “Anyone who has not been registered shall not be hired on various platforms.”

The commentary stated that in the 1990s, some actors required performance certificates to perform on stage. But later with the “simplification of administration and decentralization”, by the beginning of this century, “the performance certificate is no longer needed.” If you want to realize this idea, you must also consider “the issue of perfecting the relevant system.”

The commentary pointed out that holding a certificate is “just a means of pre-management” and “the key is to realize dynamic management of the whole process.” It is necessary to “keep a good entry point” and “day-to-day management” to perform well in-event supervision. “Remind and warn” when problems are discovered, “handle them in time” when encountering suspected crimes, and so on.

As you all know, the “Legal System Daily” is the official newspaper of the Political and Legal Committee of the Communist Party of China. It should not be a simple question for it to issue such an article. Maybe the CCP is about to hold a certificate for entertainers.

This comment is quite clear, that is, to strengthen the management of artists and “dynamic management of the whole process.” And this “certificate” is a rope added to the neck of the entertainer.

The other end of the rope is held in the hands of the CCP, which can be loose or tightened, allowing the CCP to retract and unwind freely. This means that an artist must have a “certificate” to perform, and if there is no “certificate” or the “certificate” has been cancelled, he can’t perform even if he is talented.

Whether an entertainer can get a “certificate” depends on at least two aspects. One is that artists must listen to the party, which is a prerequisite. Only by observing the party’s words can you pass the first hurdle. The second is that the artist has to please the assessor. As for if you are pleased with assessors, there should be many ways and means to do so. In addition to being really talented, it also includes money, beauty, and so on.

Let me tell you something that I have personally encountered. When I was an anchor at a certain TV station in mainland China, it was probably in 1996. The CCP began to promote host and announcer to work with certificates. All business hosts and announcers are required to pass an assessment to assess the level of Putonghua, and those who do not meet the standards will not be allowed to work.

When I took the test, it was considered the first batch in the country, so the judges controlled it more strictly. At that time, there was a girl who was with me in the evaluation, who was a colleague from other places.

To be honest, the girl’s Mandarin can only be average, and her local accent is relatively heavy, and her assessment has not even reached the second level. According to the requirements of the Chinese Communist Party, she must obtain a certificate of Grade 2 A before she can continue to be a host.

Later, this girl went to Beijing Guangyuan, which is now the Communication University, and went there for evaluation. And guess what? She actually got the first grade, which is the highest level of Putonghua among the standards set by the Chinese Communist Party.

I don’t know why, maybe it was because the test standards of Beijing Guangyuan Institute were relatively loose at the time, maybe it was that the girl’s Putonghua level had been substantially improved, maybe it was that she took some special measures. These are all possible, anyway, she got the qualification certificate as she wished.

Zou Xingtong was arrested again and her fiance used to be separated

We continue to pay attention to Hong Kong. In yesterday’s program, I expressed my concerns about the Hong Kong Stake and Stake members, and it became a reality today (8th).

Early in the morning local time, the vice chairman of the Stake Association Zou Xingtong, the Standing Committee members Liang Jinwei, Deng Yuejun and Chen Duowei were arrested by the Hong Kong police. The Hong Kong police accused them of being involved in the “National Security Law” and “failed to provide information in compliance with the notice requirements.”

Xu Hanguang, a member of the Standing Committee who made a judicial review of the police request in his own name yesterday, was not arrested today. However, the Hong Kong police said that the operation is continuing and it is not ruled out that more people will be arrested.

Zou Xingtong said in a live broadcast on the social platform this morning, “It really is today.” According to her live broadcast, Hong Kong police went to her law firm in Central at around 7 in the morning, rang the doorbell repeatedly, and tried to break the door code.

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Wearing a black shirt with the word “Truth” written on it, Zou Xingtong was handcuffed from behind and escorted to a police car. First he was taken to the Central Police Station, and later he was taken to the police headquarters for detention.

Zou Xingtong’s fiancé and Chinese rights activist Ye Du told Free Asia that he had talked with Zou Xingtong on the phone late at night on the 7th. At that time, Ye Du told Zou Xingtong that according to the Liaison Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Security Bureau, the Hong Kong police might take arrests soon.

Ye Du said that the phone talked about the internal issues of the stake and whether to submit information to the Hong Kong police. The Stake Association finally decided that in the current environment of Hong Kong, the bottom line of civil society should be maintained.

Ye Du estimated that his fiancee “may be sentenced.” As the closest people to Zou Xingtong, he and Zou Xingtong are “mentally prepared” for what is happening now.

He said, “As a member of the democratic movement, I don’t have too much feeling about what is expected. Especially in the past few years, whether in Hong Kong or on the mainland, people who have become accustomed to us have disappeared from the field of vision. Xingtong has been arrested three times in the past three months. We have become accustomed to this distinction, and we have become accustomed to being in the dark.”

What kind of devil rule is this? It can make people have this kind of “habit” that shouldn’t be there.

The American Chinese writer Mr. Qian Waterfall wrote a poem, “Leave a Wartime Light”, and published it in his collection of poems “To Hong Kong, Hong Kong People”. I think the content described in this poem is somewhat similar to the situation of Ye Du and Zou Xingtong, so I want to transfer this poem to Barrister Ye Du and Zou Xingtong.

Speak up/Sometimes we have to change the way we speak/Use irrelevant words to get rid of fear/Darkness comes at any time/Outside/The whole world/The whole world of pain/It’s surprisingly quiet/The campus where hundreds of thousands of tear gas has been whizzed/I can smell a trace A faint sigh/The ghost is floating like a ghost/In such a dark night/But I am not afraid/You and I are so close/Smiling/Speaking/Perhaps this is the case in all wartimes/Or must be like this/Sit down and talk/Speak /Tonight, we will not discuss/Do not study/Do not test/Do not write reports/Just sit and talk about the future/Do not talk about the end of the world/How old is the earth/How barren the sky is/You use your mobile phone to polish a fire/stay Between you and me/close to the atrium/in such a dark and dark night/don’t expect to light up the world/only willing to use your/my/common fingers to hold it/cover the world/a small light .

North Korean army is angered by a large number of epidemics

We haven’t mentioned North Korea for a while. The last time we talked about North Korea, it was about the situation in North Korea. At that time, news broke that Kim Jong-un ordered the shooting of people infected with the CCP virus.

Today (8th), let’s talk about the outbreak in North Korea. Recently, a number of North Korean sources revealed that a large number of North Korean soldiers were infected with the CCP virus and died in the hospital.

A military official in Gangwon Province revealed to the “Maily Korea” that from July to August, a total of 45 soldiers died in the infectious disease ward run by the Second Army Corps headquarters. Those who died due to the virus were reported to the Army Health Bureau as “Statistical Data on Deaths During Operation and Combat Political Training from 2020 to 2021.” Subsequently, the temporary admission ward was urgently closed, and the remaining patients were transferred to another temporary institution.

In addition, a military official in Nanpu stated that the Army Health Bureau had received statistics on the number of deaths in the CCP virus ward of the Second Army during summer and winter training. He also stated that the hospital was reprimanded by the superiors for the large number of deaths in the hospital, and the hospital fell into chaos.

The source also revealed that despite North Korea’s tough isolation measures, the number of deaths in the army still far exceeds expectations. This situation shocked the North Korean military. “The supreme leader Kim Jong Un was also very angry when he heard the news.” Since then, North Korea has decided at an internal meeting to strengthen the CCP virus prevention measures.

“Daily Korea” also disclosed that until last year, North Korean military authorities believed that the epidemic might end soon. So they only adopted temporary countermeasures, such as changing one of the first floors of the tuberculosis ward to treat patients with the Chinese Communist Party virus, or placing simple beds in the warehouse to treat suspicious cases.

Those soldiers who developed fever were quarantined on a large scale, but were not given a clear diagnosis and treatment. Those soldiers only receive temperature measurement and sun exposure once a day, and each meal eats 150 grams of cold whole grains and pickle soup.

The report also stated that because there was no way to expose the existence of these temporary wards, the military tried to conceal the fact of death. And told the family that the soldier’s death was an “accident.” After the family of the deceased filed a complaint with the Ministry of National Defense, the military was reprimanded and began to submit the report formally. Families are worried that the military has no way to guarantee that there will be no mass deaths again, “because the soldiers must live together in the barracks.”

Everyone thinks that China under the CCP’s rule is comparable to North Korea in terms of covering up the epidemic and extremizing epidemic prevention measures? People living in communist countries are really too unfortunate.

The leaders of Beijing have recently been promoted to a new group of generals, among which two theaters, two service commanders, and the president of the National Defense University have all been replaced. In particular, the commander of the Western Theater Command changed again, changing three commanders within four months.

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