Home News Nine geese and a goat dismembered in Villabruna: “Wolves near the houses”

Nine geese and a goat dismembered in Villabruna: “Wolves near the houses”

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The owner Denis Canzian: «Dangerous to have animals». Last week there was an attack on Pian d’Avena

FELT. The attack took place last week and left no escape for nine geese and a goat, all kept in an electrified pen. The animals had no escape. Bitter days for the carpenter Denis Canzian and his family who live in Villabruna and the wolves found themselves not far from the house. Even the provincial guards have no doubts about the perpetrators of the predation, who went on an inspection to verify what happened. “And from the number of footprints found there must have been several”, comments Canzian disconsolately, who is also worried: “I live in the village and I honestly did not expect them to arrive so close to inhabited places,” he comments. The electrified fence didn’t stop the pack that had an easy game.

«For us they were all pets», Canzian adds, «they kept them with love and therefore it’s a hard thing to digest. The scene that faced us was terrible. My wife was also very upset. and Then there is the fear of what may happen. My daughter goes to that land to collect the eggs. Is there still to be trusted? And also my two dogs, at this point, I will have to keep them at home in the evening. In the end, albeit reluctantly, I can also give up keeping animals, but who lives there or otherwise contributes to creating an income with that activity? It’s a big problem”.

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Recently a tattered roe deer had been found in Case Bianche, a sign that the predator was hanging out in the area: “But it hadn’t happened so close to the hamlet yet,” concludes Canzian. “I’ll have to give up keeping poultry animals.”

Luciano Bona, historical resident of Villabruna and former municipal administrator, intervenes on the matter: «I have land in those parts and what happened is not good. As long as the wolf stays in its environment, in the woods, that’s fine, but when it gets closer to the inhabited areas it means that perhaps the situation has gotten out of hand. Now we find them on the doorstep. It is not good and it is not normal ».

Last week the wolf also left its mark in Pian d’Avena, hitting a fence owned by the breeder Thomas Fantinel, not far from the esplanade of the picnic area: “Since the beginning of the year this is the fourth attack I have suffered in different places where I keep the animals. There is no fence to hold. Two sheep died in Pian d’Avena and three others are missing. It’s a fence with all things in place, it’s electrified too, but the wolves jump right over it. As things stand it is a losing battle ».


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