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No to differentiated autonomy, mayors’ sit-ins in Catanzaro – News

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No to differentiated autonomy, mayors’ sit-ins in Catanzaro – News

A few dozen mayors, decked out in tricolor sashes, held a sit-in in Catanzaro in front of the prefecture headquarters to say no to the differentiated autonomy project designed by the Calderoli bill. Political, trade union and association representatives also attended the demonstration. A delegation of the province’s first citizens, led by the mayor of the capital Nicola Fiorita, was received by the prefect of Catanzaro Enrico Ricci who was given a document drawn up by Anci Calabria.

“As Anci – it is written in the text – we have no prejudices towards the law on differentiated autonomy but instead we have precise convictions: differentiated autonomy cannot exist until the essential levels are guaranteed uniformly throughout the national territory of services. The Lep, which will no longer have to be financed through the unfair criterion of historical expenditure but, rather, through standard needs”.

“The Calabrian mayors – the document continues – will ensure that social and civil rights are guaranteed to all citizens and that the possibility of making agreements is prevented – pursuant to Article 116 of the Constitution – without prior full funding of all essential levels of performance”. “Historical spending – said Fiorita – benefits those who already provide high quality services and disadvantages those who are behind; those like us who would like to give citizens fundamental services and rights. But I – added the mayor of Catanzaro – don’t care that whether they finance the Leps or not, call them what they want. I am interested here in reiterating a principle that a country should finance those who are behind, should make the resources available to give all citizens fundamental rights, otherwise it is not a Country. I believe that as the South gradually acquires what lies behind such a neutral term as differentiated autonomy, it will make itself felt. It is very important that the Church does it, very important that the mayors and the ANCI do it and the whole community, because here – Fiorita continued – our future is at stake”.

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