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Payment card for refugees is coming to Hamburg this month | > – News

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Payment card for refugees is coming to Hamburg this month |  > – News

As of: February 13, 2024 3:07 p.m

No more cash for refugees – asylum seekers nationwide will soon be able to receive their social benefits via a payment card. According to information from NDR 90.3, it will be introduced in Hamburg in February.

No monthly collection of money, no queues at the payment points – the payment card has many advantages for people without an account, according to the responsible authorities. Asylum seekers have the amount they are entitled to credited to their card every month. This should also relieve the administration.

No transfers abroad possible

Interior, social and financial authorities are preparing to issue the card in Hamburg together. This will initially be given to people in initial reception centers, and later to all asylum seekers. The card should be able to be used to pay in shops. But there should also be restrictions: There should be a cash limit per month and you can’t use the card to make online purchases or transfer money abroad.

AUDIO: Payment card for asylum seekers in Hamburg is coming (1 min)

Discussion about restrictions

It is currently being discussed whether these restrictions will remain the same or whether more will be added. SPD parliamentary group leader Dirk Kienscherf thinks the rules make sense, especially that no money can be transferred abroad with the card. Green parliamentary group leader Jennifer Jasberg criticizes the planned restrictions. She says the restrictions would not stop any refugee from coming to Germany. The Green Party’s social policy spokeswoman, Mareike Engels, demands that there should be no discriminatory restrictions for refugees.

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At the end of January, 14 of 16 federal states – including Hamburg – agreed on common standards for a payment card. Each federal state can decide for itself about individual functions or restrictions.

Feb 13, 2024 7:36 p.m

Note: The Hamburg social authorities had actually announced the payment card for this week, but now it is not due to arrive in Hamburg until later this month.

Further information

Asylum seekers should receive part of the state support via a payment card – and no more than cash. What do politicians hope to achieve from this? more

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