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Pd, here’s what’s in the program: from regasifiers, to civil rights, zero contributions for those who hire

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Pd, here’s what’s in the program: from regasifiers, to civil rights, zero contributions for those who hire

“Italy is a great country”. Thus begins the electoral program that the leadership of the Democratic Party approved unanimously. A “winning proposal” for a “historical choice”, we read in the premise of the draft that will be susceptible to “minimal” additions or changes. These are 44 thematic cards which, as Enrico Letta promised, will be illustrated with “one proposal a day” during the electoral campaign. The themes touched by the ‘Together for a democratic and progressive Italy’ program are many and propose a “vision of the country” between now and 2027 based on three pillars: sustainable development and ecological and digital transitions; work, knowledge and social justice; rights and citizenship.

On the first point, the draft clarifies among other things that “the challenge of the fight against climate change must not be fought in a defensive key”. On the merits, just to stay with the most discussed issues of recent days, it is explained that the use of regasifiers “appears necessary, but on condition that they constitute bridging solutions, that they remain active only a few years and that they can be demobilized well before 2050 “. With this in mind, the Democratic Party proposes the establishment of an “anti-Nimby” National Compensatory Fund for compensations. At work, the electoral program includes a long list of interventions, such as “zero contributions for the permanent hiring of young people up to 35 years of age”. In principle, “we must say enough to precarious work, poor work and illegal work”, reads the text that confirms the introduction of the minimum wage.

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Space also for smart working “also for the purpose of favoring the needs of reconciling life and work times, reducing emissions of pollutants and at the same time improving the livability of urban centers and revitalizing small and increasingly depopulated villages”. Among the proposals also in favor of the South “the opening of 1,000 bars and multifunction newsstands in 1,000 small municipalities, offering basic functions”. Great space was given to proposals for schools, including that of bringing “salaries in line with the European average over the next five years”. Among other things, the Democratic Party proposes to “guarantee full free local public transport and school books for low and middle income families (according to the ISEE)”.

The chapter on rights is extensive, with the «firm intention of affirming the full recognition of the civil rights of LGBTQI + people and of approving a new law on citizenship for girls and boys studying in Italy». Then, in addition to the ius scholae, the law on the end of life, Ddl Zan and “we will introduce egalitarian marriage”. Among other things, the program of the Democratic Party also includes the “We are equal package” with rules “on combating gender-based violence; 360 ° protection of health, full recognition of women’s sexual and reproductive rights, guaranteeing the application of law 194/1978 in all its parts throughout the country ». Also foreseen is the “A country for young people” package.

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