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Pole Dance: A journey of physical strength and self-esteem

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Pole Dance: A journey of physical strength and self-esteem

The perception of pole dancing is undergoing a radical transformation. What was once viewed with some skepticism is today recognized as a demanding sporting discipline that challenges both the body and the mind. At the heart of this revolution in Pereira, Colombia, are several academies that have committed to breaking stereotypes and stigmas that make it impossible for people to know each other. One of them is the Ares academy, which has become a beacon of change, promoting not only physical strength but also the construction of self-esteem among its athletes.

“Well, it is expanding and it is having a lot of projection as a sporting discipline,” says Diana Arango, Pole sport athlete and teacher, highlighting the importance of events such as Interschools, which during 2022 and 2023 had a presence in the city, bringing together national and international pole dance athletes, promoting an unprecedented cultural and sports exchange.

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The discipline of pole dancing, with roots in the “palo chino” and a rich history that extends from Argentina to the largest cities of Colombia, challenges the traditional perception of being an exclusively dance practice. Today, it is recognized for its technical complexity, which includes acrobatics, strength work, flexibility, and a deep emotional and artistic connection.

“We focus on building self-esteem,” explains Arango. Through the recognition and appreciation of their own body, athletes undertake a journey of self-exploration and empowerment. This process not only improves your performance in sport but also reinforces your confidence and personal satisfaction.

That is the case of Diana Londoño, a young woman from Pereira who experienced a love breakup more than a year ago, questioning various components of her being and who was inspired by the practice of sport, finding in it a refuge and, above all, a place Safe exploration of your mental and physical limits. “The first thing they mention in the classes is the value of the person, especially the woman, and that she feels strong, valued for herself,” says Diana about her first steps in this discipline.

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Pole dancing, far from being a simple physical activity, is presented as a means to explore and affirm femininity, sensuality and, above all, the internal and external strength of those who practice it. Through floorwork and other modalities such as pole sport and pole exotic, participants work not only on their physical condition but also on their confidence and self-esteem, challenging and surpassing personal limits.

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This path to self-acceptance and empowerment is not exclusive to women. Pole dancing is opening its doors to men, challenging traditional notions of gender and allowing everyone, regardless of gender, to explore new forms of body expression and personal empowerment. Diana highlights how, over time, these spaces become places of support and safety for everyone, regardless of gender.

Diana’s journey in pole dancing has also been a fight against stigmas. Despite initial prejudices, even within her closest circle, she has shown that beyond any preconception, pole dancing is a sport that requires discipline, motivation and perseverance. Her mother, initially skeptical, now watches with pride as her daughter uses pole dancing as a path to physical and emotional well-being. Londoño’s story is a testament to the transformative power of pole dancing, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. It represents a journey of self-knowledge, improvement and, finally, triumph over one’s own fears and doubts.

Instructor Arango adds that she has even had cases of boyfriends bringing their partners to classes, in order to strengthen knowledge, love and the search for mutual interests. In addition, she points out the capabilities that sport provides to children. “It is very good for them because not only are we going to take into account that they are going to gain strength, flexibility, resistance, skill in acrobatics; “They will improve their entire training process, and it also generates a commitment to the sport, that they arrive to classes on time, that they arrive with a desire to learn.”

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So in the practice of Pole dance, discipline and commitment to having a harmonious development are also encouraged, where the body and mind can synchronously share a process of acceptance and achievement of goals.

Events such as Interschools and classes that encourage teamwork and camaraderie underline the vision of sport that, beyond competition, promotes values ​​of love and mutual respect. The positive response from the community and the growth of the discipline in the city are testament to the transformative power of pole dancing, not only as a sport but as a tool for personal and collective empowerment.

In Pereira, the pole dance revolution is underway, challenging stigmas, strengthening bodies and souls, and weaving a stronger and more united community through sport. Thus, pole dancing stands not only as a physical activity, but as a movement that promotes strength, confidence and self-respect, demonstrating that the path to self-esteem and personal improvement can be found in the most unexpected places.

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