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Police intensify controls in hotels and residences in Neiva

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Police intensify controls in hotels and residences in Neiva

The Neiva Metropolitan Police has launched a series of registration and control plans in hotels and residences in the city center, with the aim of guaranteeing security and citizen coexistence.

In a coordinated operation between the Tourism and National Heritage Protection Group, the Ministry of Health, Risk Management and the Neiva Firefighters personnel, Inspections were carried out at seven lodging establishments and stay. As a result of these actions, background checks were requested on more than 45 people.

Furthermore, during the controls, the activity was temporarily suspended in one of the establishments., due to the lack of documentation required for its operation.

Colonel Alexander Castillo Marín, commander of the Neiva Metropolitan Police, stated that this type of activities will continue to be developed to protect the health, sanitation and safety of citizens and tourists. Likewise, he recommended that the community verify the places where they intend to stay through the National Tourism Registry, requesting detailed information about health and hygiene conditions before making reservations.

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With these measures, the authorities seek to guarantee that lodging establishments meet the necessary standards to offer a safe and adequate service to visitors to the city of Neiva.

Against violence

Similarly, the Police at the head of the Community Management Group, in coordination with the Childhood and Adolescence union, and the Purple Patrol, achieve the socialization of the “EMFAG” Strategy for Attention to Women, Family and Gender focused on five types of gender-based violence, such as physical, psychological, sexual, economic and patrimonial violence.

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