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Police search homes of suspected “Reich citizens” | > – News – Lower Saxony

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Police search homes of suspected “Reich citizens” |  > – News – Lower Saxony

Status: 06/21/2023 10:18 p.m

So-called Reich citizens doubt the legitimacy of the Federal Republic. (theme image)

In Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony, police officers searched the homes of five suspected “Reich citizens”. As a spokeswoman for the federal prosecutor explained on Wednesday evening, one person from Hamelin and four men from Baden-Württemberg were affected. Accordingly, it is about the suspicion of membership in a terrorist organization. According to the police, Tuesday’s operation was related to a major raid last December. This had against the entrepreneur Henry XIII. addressed to Prince Reuss. At that time, the federal prosecutor’s office and the police arrested 22 suspected members and three supporters of a terrorist group. One of them was a former chief inspector from Hanover who had to resign from the police service because of his proximity to the “Reichsbürger” scene. This time stood loud mirror information Targeting supporters of Reuss. There were no arrests.


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