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“Political violence against women in El Salvador”: Fátima Ortiz

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“Political violence against women in El Salvador”: Fátima Ortiz

This Wednesday in the Platform program, the lawyer Fátima Ortiz spoke about political violence against women in the country, indicating that its objective is to harm the public participation of this group of people.

Ortiz indicated that many times it is thought that political violence occurs only when there is a threat, and a crime such as physical violence or murder is committed, as in other countries where female candidates are even assassinated, but this is not the case, in El Salvador as well. you live.

She added that political violence often aims to undermine women’s political participation and access to public participation, specifically partisan participation.

“A few days ago an ARENA deputy was denigrated, receiving cyber bullying and they even made a caricature denigrating her image”Given this situation, the lawyer considered that “Being a woman in politics in El Salvador represents a double challenge”.

Finally, the lawyer recalled that among the types of violence that is exercised against women is: Physical, psychological, labor violence, among others.

See the full statements:

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