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Polo Polo criticized the march called in support of the Petro Government

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Polo Polo criticized the march called in support of the Petro Government

Chamber representative Miguel Polo Polo, an opponent of the national government, published on his networks that the marches called to pressure the election of the new prosecutor were a “total failure.”

Both the government and some unions, such as Fecode, called for marches to demand that the Supreme Court choose a new prosecutor to replace Francisco Barbosa, who completes his term tomorrow.

Polo Polo accompanied his comments with photos supposedly of the march in which you can see that there are not many people participating.

In his publication, Miguel Polo Polo referred to the recent march called by President Petro as a “total failure” and “an antics,” arguing that it demonstrated nonexistent popular support for the president, whom he controversially described as “ ex-con”.

Polo Polo criticized the opinion measurements, suggesting that the polls that attribute 35% favorability to Petro are wrong, estimating that the true level of support would be barely 10%.

“Petro’s March was a total failure and an antics. NO popular support for the ex-convict. This is a sign that the polls are wrong: he does not have 35% favorability, but only 10%,” said Miguel Polo Polo through X’s account of him regarding the marches.

Councilor Daniel Briceño joined the voices critical of the result of the mobilizations and argued that the marches called by President Gustavo Petro are destined to fail without adequate logistics, the participation of officials, contractors and the making of agreements with indigenous organizations. . He underscored his perception that support for the government does not genuinely come from “people’s power” but, in his view, is supported by contracts and agreements.

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“Without logistics, officials, contractors and agreements with indigenous organizations, the marches called by President Gustavo Petro fail. The “popular power” of the national government is based on contracts,” commented Democratic Center councilor Daniel Briceño.

The Radical Change party also spoke about the demonstrations, expressing its critical stance towards the government, accusing it of instigating demonstrations with the aim of putting pressure on the Supreme Court of Justice. This statement points to the government’s intention behind the calls for protests, which, according to the party, the government has actively promoted, including in multiple languages ​​through social media.

The situation escalated when, according to Cambio Radical, the protesters tried to enter the Palace of Justice using the parking lot, an act that the party considers regrettable and that shows the tensions and state of discord generated by the actions of the executive. This criticism reflects a concern for the security of judicial institutions and democratic stability.

“The government of “change” cannot deny it, after tweeting it in all languages, that it instigated these demonstrations to pressure the Supreme Court of Justice. Unfortunately, the protesters have already tried to enter the Palace of Justice through the parking lot,” commented the Cambio Radical party on its official X account.

Representative Andrés Forero commented on the same incident that occurred in the vicinity of the Palace of Justice, describing a scene in which, according to him, the protesters were waving M-19 flags while a group of individuals with attitudes that he described as antisocial tried to enter the building through the parking lots. Forero interpreted these acts as an invocation of dark episodes from the past, considering them a harbinger of what he described as “terrifying ghosts.” This situation was pointed out by the representative as an example of the “institutional rupture” that, in his opinion, Gustavo Petro’s government is promoting.

“While M-19 flags were ominously waving around the Palace of Justice, a group of antisocials tried to force entry to the building through the parking lots. They are summoning terrifying ghosts. There is the “institutional rupture” of @petrogustavo,” said Democratic Center congressman Andrés Forero. With Infobae

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