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Prato, 39, shot dead in front of his house after a fight

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“Help, help, they shot me.” These were the last words of Gianni Avvisato, 39, a resident of Comeana, a hamlet of the municipality of Carmignano, in the hills in the province of Prato, shot dead this afternoon near his home.

It was he himself who called 118 but when help arrived at the scene of the crime, the man was already dead. According to the testimonies collected by the carabinieri among the neighbors, the victim allegedly had a fight in the street with two men and then a shot would have been heard. Immediately after, the two killers would have fled on foot and then left in a car parked nearby.

The victim was found on the ground near his home, in via Boccaccio, a street with no background with a series of terraced houses. The carabinieri arrived on the scene and are conducting investigations, trying to reconstruct the dynamics of the facts, with the help of the military of the scientific section.

The man killed, according to the testimony of some neighbors, would have had a heated discussion with two people who in all likelihood knew. At one point one of the two drew a gun and shot Alvisato. Then they fled on foot until they reached a car parked not far from the road where the crime was committed and then managed to lose their tracks.

According to initial information, the wounds are concentrated between the abdomen and the leg. Gianni Avvisato, born in 1982 in Tuscany to parents of Campania origin, lived in Comeana and in the past had managed a gym in Poggio a Caiano (Prato). While the carabinieri are chasing the two killers, they are also trying to understand the motive for the murder. The investigators are investigating several hypotheses: from the settling of scores to the warning gone wrong.

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