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President Xi Jinping and Governor Newsom Discuss Importance of US-China Relations

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President Xi Jinping meets with Governor Newsom of California, stressing the importance of US-China relations

On October 25, President Xi Jinping of China held a meeting with Governor Newsom of California, USA, at the Great Hall of the People. The meeting highlighted the significance of the bilateral relationship between the two nations.

During the meeting, President Xi pointed out that China and the United States are the world‘s top two economies, contributing over one-third of the world‘s economic aggregate. The two countries also account for nearly a quarter of the global population and have bilateral trade that represents about one-fifth of the world‘s total. Given these statistics, it is evident that the interests of China and the United States are closely intertwined.

President Xi emphasized that the achievements made in Sino-US relations should be cherished, as they have been hard-won. He reaffirmed China’s commitment to maintaining mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation with the United States. Xi expressed his hope for continued collaboration in this direction and called for the United States to work together with China for shared progress.

Governor Newsom echoed President Xi’s sentiments, expressing his agreement with the importance of the US-China relationship. He noted that California, home to around 2 million Chinese Americans, serves as a gateway to China in the United States. Newsom emphasized the vitality of local-level engagements, stating that through respect and cooperation, both countries can create a mutually beneficial future. In his view, the relationship between the United States and China is the most crucial bilateral relationship in the world.

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The meeting between President Xi Jinping and Governor Newsom underscores the significance of maintaining strong ties between China and the United States. As the world‘s two largest economies, their cooperation has far-reaching implications on global stability and prosperity. It is hoped that this meeting will further strengthen the bond between the two countries and foster increased cooperation in various fields.

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