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President Yoon’s ‘liberal’ economic view father’s influence zone… Advice for entry into politics :: Sympathy Media Newsis News Agency ::

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President Yoon’s ‘liberal’ economic view father’s influence zone…  Advice for entry into politics :: Sympathy Media Newsis News Agency ::

Deceased “realization of justice in the legal profession” law school recommendation

Studying in Japan broadened President Yoon’s knowledge

Respect Yun, mentioning an anecdote with his father

The deceased visits the Yongsan Presidential Office with Mrs. Kim

[서울=뉴시스] Reporter Park Mi-young = Yoon Ki-joong (92), the father of President Yoon Seok-yeol, who passed away on the 15th, was known as a spiritual supporter who did not hesitate to provide advice and assistance during the presidential election process after President Yoon entered the law department.

The reason President Yoon, who was born in Seoul, is classified as a member of the Chungcheong region is because his father was born in Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province.

After graduating from Chungam High School in 1979, President Yoon tried to go to the Department of Psychology at Seoul National University, but at the time, his father, Professor Yoon Ki-joong, advised him that “a lawyer can realize justice,” so he entered the Department of Law at Seoul National University.

When President Yoon quit his job as a prosecutor and worked at a large law firm before returning to the prosecution service, the person he welcomed the most was his father, and an anecdote is said to have said, “If you want to beat a prosecutor, don’t become a lawyer, go to a restaurant.”

Also, in 1967, after the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan, the deceased studied at the Department of Economics at the Graduate School of Hitotsubashi University in Japan as the first government scholarship student of the Japanese Ministry of Education and obtained a master’s degree. Subsequently, in 1982, as a visiting professor, he completed a master’s course in economics at the same graduate school, which served as an opportunity for President Yoon to spend his childhood in Japan.

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In an interview with Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun in March, President Yoon recalled the time and said, “I took the train from Ueno Station to Kunitachi Station and went to the apartment. I can still see the street where Hitotsubashi University was located.” .

President Yoon is said to have been introduced to economic liberalism from his father. Milton Friedman’s ‘Freedom to Choose’, which President Yoon mentioned several times during the presidential election process, is also said to be a book gifted by his father.

It is a message from the political world that the deceased played a significant role in his son’s entry into politics. It is said that at the time when President Yoon was contemplating running for the presidential election, his father introduced an acquaintance, Kim Dong-gil, an emeritus professor at Yonsei University, to give him advice on entering politics.

At the time of the by-election for the mayor of Seoul in April 2021, the deceased voted in advance at a polling station set up at the community center in Namgajwa 1-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul with his son, President Yoon. President Yoon, who was the Prosecutor General at the time, said, “My father was incapacitated, so I brought him with me.”

On March 9, 2022, as Candidate Seok-yeol Yoon was elected as the People’s Power candidate in the 20th presidential election, the deceased became the father of the incumbent president with the inauguration of President Yoon on May 10. The deceased attended his inauguration.

Later, in June, the deceased visited the Yongsan Presidential Office, which was relocated from the Blue House, with his daughter-in-law, Kim Gun-hee.

Even after taking office, President Yoon often mentioned his father.

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In February of this year, he attended Yonsei University’s graduation ceremony and said in a congratulatory speech, “I did vacation homework at my father’s lab and fell into trouble and contemplation on Yonsei campus.” It is also an area in which he contributed immediately after the establishment of diplomatic ties between Korea and Vietnam, so (the state visit to Vietnam) is a new feeling.”

The deceased was recently admitted to Seoul National University Hospital for old age and has been receiving treatment.

It is the second time that an incumbent president has received a parental award while in office since the mother of then-President Moon Jae-in in 2019.

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