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Princess Delphine responds to fuss about leaked letter: “It was never my intention to create polemics”

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Princess Delphine regrets that the “confidential letter” she sent to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was leaked to the press. “It was never my intention to provoke any controversy,” she responds through her lawyer Marc Uyttendaele.

Saturday, December 9, 2023 at 12:24 PM

The letter in question was said to have been sent in the aftermath of King’s Day on November 15. The government is said to have sent an invitation to Prince Laurent and Princess Astrid, but not to Princess Delphine, who has been officially recognized as the daughter of King Albert II since 2020. In the letter, which was drawn up by her lawyer, Delphine is said to have expressed her dissatisfaction about unequal treatment compared to her half-brother and half-sister.

Her lawyer Marc Uyttendaele responded that the letter would not be leaked to the press. “Princess Delphine has established that a confidential letter sent by her counselor to the Prime Minister was leaked to the press without her knowledge. She regrets this as it was never her intention to provoke any controversy.”

After which Uyttendaele provides some clarification about the letter: “In a spirit of goodwill and discretion, Princess Delphine felt it necessary to clarify an embarrassing situation in which she is treated differently than her sister Astrid and her brother Laurent. She was told that this was justified by the fact that she does not receive an allowance from the government treasury – something she never asked for. But she says there is no reason why she should not be considered a full member of the royal family.”

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